Endless Drift Racing 3D

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Endless Drift Racing 3D by Gold Apps is an awesome racing game, featuring superior physics, cartoon graphics and of course easy gameplay.

One of the favorite drift racing games for car racing fans!

Endless Drift Racing 3D is an awesome racing game, featuring superior physics, cartoon graphics and of course easy gameplay.

Simply use left or right key to move your car to dodge obstacle and drift.

Drive your car through the cartoon world. Speed up like a gust of wind! Wanna be a top racer? Come on, this racing game has them all.


  • NO in app purchases.
  • Easy game play.
  • Cartoon 3D graphics.
  • Endless fun!

The simple game control and cool graphics will bring you an exciting experience of speed and drift. What are you waiting for? Download Endless Drift Racing 3D now!

Endless Drift Racing 3D features a drift racing game that is situated in the middle of some kind of a candy or food land. There are cookies, jellies and cakes that will become part of the track. The art-style is beautiful. It is uses a cartoon graphics with crayon colored style.

The game is straightforward. You just need to keep going endlessly and try to score as many points as possible. There are stars to pick up which I believe worth 25 points. However, I find that sometimes it is better to just leave them alone if they are not situated in a position that you can easily grab.

The control is simple. As mentioned, you only need to worry about clicking left or right. However, be prepared to die on your first few runs to get used to the control. The drifting can be quite hard to pull off as there is no way for you to brake.

Overall, Endless Drift Racing 3D is quite fun once you are get used to the control. I scored 1067 and that is the highest after about 10+ tries! Can you beat that score!

Endless Drift Racing 3D