Ultra Pixel Survive

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Ultra Pixel Survive is a role playing survival game with pixel-art visual style. Build barricades, furnaces and anvils to upgrade your weapons, collect resources like wood, stone and ores and evolve your favorite heroes!


  • Various characters with unique abilities
  • Evolve your characters to make them stronger
  • Cut wood, mine stone and ores and build your defenses
  • Face different monsters day and night
  • Defeat powerful bosses

Instruction to play Ultra Pixel Survive

  • A and D to move
  • Attack with mouse click
  • Space to jump F
  • Press dodge button with mouse to dodge
  • Press the ability button with mouse to use ability
  • E 1,2,3 to change tools

Try to survive as long as you can in this amazing pixel art game that mixes strategy, RPG and survival. How many days can you survive?

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Ultra Pixel Survive