Developers – Feature and Promote your games

Developers – Feature and Promote your games

Developers, welcome to PlayPlayFun! You are viewing this page because you might be interested in featuring, promoting or publishing your games with us. We know how hard it is for games to be readily discovered, especially in the app stores. We are here to help you to increase the chance that your games will be discovered. Check out Flix and Chill and Circle Brothers as samples of how your games might look like on our portal. Try us. Promote your games online with us.

If you are looking for a publisher for your games, please email us at to find out how.

Why feature with PlayPlayFun?

  • Increase awareness of your games. We are spreading words about your games for you for FREE
  • Feature FREE version of your games, we will direct the traffic to your FULL version
  • We can be your first test-bed of your games. Gather feedbacks from users before your full launch!

What do we want?

  • Your game file in HTML5 or any other browser-friendly version compiled with PlayPlayFun logo shown as part of a splash screen and/or on the main menu screen (right click and save image as)
  • Games are subject to approval. Buggy, offensive and alpha version games are not acceptable
  • No in-game ads


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