Stickman Freekick Soccer Hero

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Stickman Freekick Soccer Hero by Gold Apps is a brand new arcade free kick game with next-gen graphics and easy to use controls.

Flick with one finger and score to prove that you’re the king of the field!

Now you can prove you are the flicking legend! Beat the stickman goalkeeper and score as many goals as you can!

Playing soccer (football) was never so fun! You will be amazed by how fun shooting an amazing free kick into the top corner.

How to Play: Flick the ball to kick it out


  • Realistic kick and Flick controls!
  • Realistic soccer physics engine
  • Cool stickman animations
  • Amazing 3D Graphics effects

Stickman Freekick Soccer Hero is a fun flick football game with nice graphics. The background and sound of the bird chirping makes you feel like playing a soccer shootout game right on your backyard! I particularly enjoy the animation where the goalkeeper launch himself left and right. Moreover, I like the sound that the game makes when the ball hit the post!

However, Stickman Freekick Soccer Hero suffers from a major problem; Goalkeeper action:
  • Sometimes the ball can teleport to the goalkeeper arms, although, clearly it should have been in
  • Goalkeeper AI is questionable. There are times that he can catch any shots and another time, he just doesn't move even when the ball rolls down slowly near him.

Finally, one of the most exciting kick in soccer is a Banana kick. I truly wish Stickman Freekick Soccer Hero has the ability to do a banana kick!

Stickman Freekick Soccer Hero