Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems having fun? We are here to make sure that you have fun in our website. Ask us anything and send us an email if you are having problems at PlayPlayFun. We will try our best to answer all questions from technical issues, business partnership and advertising opportunities.


How to Play Unity WebGL Games on Your Browser

Unity WebGL is a unity games deployed as an HTML5 games. Therefore, in general, the games will be playable in most browsers. To check if your browser supports WebGL, please use this WebGL browser support checker. If you would like more information WebGL, please visit this wikipedia link about WebGL.



How to Play UNITY Games on Your Browser

Unity Web Player is required to Play Unity Games on Your Browsers.

If your browser is Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, type chrome://flags/ on the URL address, and press Enter
  2. Scroll down until you spot “Enable NPAPI, Mac, Windows” and see that the link is ‘Enable’. Click on it, and see it turn to ‘Disable’
  3. At the bottom, a button ‘Relaunch now’ will appear. Click it


For other browsers:

  1. Download Unity Web Player
  2. Install it
  3. Restart your browser and play


How to Play FLASH Games on Your Browser

There are two possibilities why Flash Games does not run on your browser:

Your browser does not have Adobe Flash Player system plugin

Please go to Adobe Flash Player download page to download and install Adobe Flash Player by following its instruction


Your browser does have Adobe Flash Player, but it is blocked or not allowed

Adobe has done a good job compiling information on how to enable their Flash Player for various browsers. Please check them out for a thorough and detail instruction:


How to Play HTML5 Games on Your Browser

HTML5 games generally are compatible with all browsers. However, if you still can’t play HTML5 games, please update your browser to its latest version



I can’t find the close advertisement button before the game start. Help?

Some games do have advertisement, for example Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Please wait about 5-10 seconds and a close button will appear and you can go start your game as soon as it is finish loading.

I want to have my game on your fun website. Whom should I talk to?

Please visit our Developer’s Section or contact fun_master at