Low Poly Knife Hero

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Arcade Gold Apps Halloween Promoted Collection Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Low Poly Knife Hero by Gold Apps is an arcade game that puts players as a knife thrower.

NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG KIDS, Rated for 16+, Strong Violence

The alien fatty is timid and cowardice. Pay more attention to avoid his body, don't let him hurt. Otherwise you will be more difficult to hit the target. Move your finger to aim, Lift to launch. Crush all target boards to pass the level.

In addition, we add an almost new WORLD RANK system. Let's try to get more score to defeat other world Players (only works on App)


  • Lovely and Fresh Low Poly Style, Funny Alien Fatty, you will love it!
  • Amazing Tons of effects, intense and exciting
  • One-Hand control, Best design for Mobile Device Control
  • NEW WORLD RANK system, Challenge the First Prize (only app version)
  • New Unity3D Engine Support

Please note that Low Poly Knife Hero may be disturbing for some people. It involves a knife thrower throwing knives on a hapless victim, aliens or not. It's up to you to shoot accurately to avoid the game turning into a Hostel movie scene.

If you can get past the gore and violence, you are basically treated with a knife tossing game that levels up as you hit the targets. If you can hit all targets without using up all your knife, the game will level up and give you harder goals and faster board rotation. Once you use up all your knife, the game is over.

Overall, the violence may turn off some players to play the game. If you enjoy other GoldApps Games, you will find yourself enjoying Low Poly Knife Hero.

Low Poly Knife Hero