Heal the Mummy

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Gold Apps Halloween Promoted Collection Puzzle Shooting Unity

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Heal the Mummy by Gold Apps is a physics-based shooting game where you are to rescue your girlfriend from being a mummy.

Don't be afraid of the ancient tomb! "Heal the Mummy" is one of cool Maze game. Easy to play and Free!

There is a strange Mummy. It seems to be your losing Girl. I am coming. Don't be afraid. Try to use your wisdom to command our hero throw antidote. Keep in mind, our antidotes are limited. Also, our time is short. Let's fighting.

Simple concept, but Plentiful funny. "Heal the Mummy" is one of the best-looking games of its genre which also runs smoothly on older devices. If you are a Puzzle fan, "Heal the Mummy" will provide hours of fun add addictive gameplay.


  • How destroyable will the environment be? Real-time! Use bomb to break the Wooden Wall and save your girl.
  • Simple control, Simple concept and run smooth on any Mobile device.
  • Dozens of levels, Use your wisdom to command our Hero.
  • Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device.
  • Exciting music and sounds effects.

Playing for the first 12 levels, Heal the Mummy leaves a good impression on me. The idea is cute where you have to throw bottles of potion to the mummies to convert them into humans (how many girl friends does he have?). The game element that really helps me settle with the game is the fact that the developer adds sufficient number of trials and errors to complete a level. If you just want to pass the level, you can throw as many bottles and bombs as you can before it runs out. On the other hand, if you are after a 3-star completion, you'd better be very accurate.

As the developer mentions, the environment is destroyable. However, sometimes the walls have leftover pixel dusts that are not destroyed completely and can hinder your throwing track. This can be frustrating as the dots can be very difficult to hit and clear. So your best bet is to reset the level.

Much like Angry Birds, the game is divided into levels and stages. Level progression in this game feels quite natural for the first 12 levels.

Overall, if you are looking for a simpler alternative for Angry Birds, Heal the Mummy will fit the bill.

Heal the Mummy