Hit Golf 3D

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Gold Apps Promoted Collection Sports Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Hit Golf 3D by Gold Apps is not like mini golf nor real golf game, there are no rules in this golf game.

One of the most unique golf game for your mobile devices! This is not like mini golf nor real golf game, there are no rules in this golf game, just adjust the angle, flick your finger and hit the ball into the hole.

Tap either left or right on the screen to aim the hole with a flag on it, flick across the grassland and sandbox. Watch out bombs and other obstacles as the level goes up.

Swing your way through over 90 unique holes. Fun and unique gameplay with real physical engine.


  • Real golf physical engine!
  • Perfect combination of puzzle game and sport game!
  • Cool visual effects!
  • For all ages!

Haven't played golf in real life? Come and enjoy this one and create your own freestyle.

Hit Golf 3D features a vibrant and colorful blocky graphics that is pleasing to the eyes.

  • Hold left mouse button on the sides of the screen to pan your view left and right
  • Swipe to the top to shoot the ball
    Unfortunately, on PC version, the mouse swiping is much less accurate than on touch screen mobile. This will lead some of your shots to be frustratingly error-prone. I would recommend downloading the full app version if you want to play all the 90 levels with a much more accurate control.

    Overall, Hit Golf 3D has some of the better eye candies for a golf game. This browser version should be good to be a gauge of what you can expect from the game. However, the full app version is highly recommended for a better user experience.

    Hit Golf 3D