Top 7 Tips for Battle Royale Mode in Call of Duty: Warzone

Top 7 Tips for Battle Royale Mode in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Battle Royale mode is frequently played by Call of Duty: Warzone (CoD: Warzone) veterans. You can learn to defeat your enemies with useful tips that can increase your kill counts, cash collections, and improve your teamwork.

Maps like Al Mazrah in CoD: Warzone allow up to 150 players in Battle Royale mode. The primary objective of Battle Royale mode is to eliminate all of your opponents to be the last player or squad left standing in each round.

You must help your allies face enemies on the ground to get fast kills in the action game. A majority of CoD: Warzone players equip their weapons with various enhancements to be prepared for any outcome during battles. You can team up with friends and conquer different maps in Battle Royale mode to earn more XP in CoD: Warzone.

You can use these top tips in Battle Royale mode in upcoming CoD: Warzone sessions to climb higher up the leaderboards.

Land on building terraces

You can start shooting at enemies the second you land from the flying aircraft. The FPS game lets its player cut the parachute after jumping out of a plane to land safely on any map. Setting foot on the rooftops of buildings and terraces provides plenty of time to find cover from your opponents.

Gliding into battles with a parachute can slow down movement in Battle Royale mode. Enemy soldiers can spot you from a distance while gliding to deal lots of damage early in a match. You can snap the ropes of the parachute at any time to gain an advantage in CoD: Warzone. People can move together in groups to avoid enemy fire during team fights. There are dozens of buildings that are at a good height on maps in Battle Royale mode to give squads adequate space to plan their attacks.

Stay close to your teammates

Your friends can be resourceful to destroy enemies in CoD: Warzone. Sticking with your team can prevent enemies from taking down your squad. Team members can explore regions of a map and provide real-time coverage of their encounters with any enemies to last longer.

You must survive to win in Battle Royale mode. Teams of up to 3 players can easily secure their territories to manage their kills in every match. The mini-map is an important tool in CoD: Warzone that helps players target enemies and protect teammates.

Moving further away from your team can isolate you from your allies. Enemies can lay traps on each map to decimate soldiers fighting by themselves. You can use the team chat to stay in contact with active players to round off enemies without taking a substantial amount of damage from your foes.

Staying near teammates in CoD: Warzone has been a winning strategy for esports teams. Many pro players taking part in International tournaments and competitions have displayed that a team that slays together can succeed in multiple rounds. If you notice that any of your allies have been shot dead, you can duck behind crates or windows in Battle Royale mode to counter the enemy team.

Wear headphones during matches

The most effective way of detecting enemies in CoD: Warzone is by wearing a headset during online matches. A pair of headphones lets you pinpoint enemy movements with ease. Footsteps can be heard with clarity using headphones rather than relying on the mini-map to spot enemies.

Team fights can be more exciting with headphones as you can sneak up on enemies without being detected. Once you hear the sound of bullets being shot by your opponents, you can wait till they start reloading their weapons to penetrate their defenses. You can drastically reduce the time it takes to respond to allies on chat by putting on headsets in CoD: Warzone. Teammates can corner enemies effortlessly while playing together in the shooter game.

Pro players use headsets with a mic to communicate directly to their teammates, saving the time it takes to type a message on the keyboard. You can reveal your location to the enemy team fighting in Battle Royale mode by tapping the wrong keys in matches. Esports teams are sponsored by gaming companies to provide the best equipment and headphones in online competitions.

Kill with sniper rifles

The different maps of CoD: Warzone require players to shred their enemies at long range. Sniper rifles are excellent weapons for annihilating your opponents without getting killed in combat. You can purchase a Victus XMR to mutilate enemies on large maps like Urzikstan.

The increased range and accuracy of Victus XMR make it suitable for long range kills in CoD: Warzone. Gamers can attach the SP-X 80 6.6X optic for the Victus XMR to blast opponents from a comfortable distance.

A KATT AMR can be lethal to enemies in Battle Royale mode. Esports teams and CoD: Warzone players use a KATT AMR for instant kills. Attachments such as the Zang-34 Barrel and RK Nightfall Suppressor XL muzzle can reduce the recoil of the sniper rifle in battles.

Sniper rifles like the MCPR-300 have enormous range, letting players deal loads of damage from vast distances. You can customize the weapon in the loadout to increase the size of the magazine. People can make their enemies explode by attaching a .300 Mag Explosive to the MCPR-300 in Battle Royale mode.