Top 7 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

Top 7 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

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Every battle is unpredictable. That’s why Warzone might be proving very difficult to win. For instance, the Battle Royale mode, where you’ll be fighting against 149 other players, is often tougher. That’s why it’s best to play with other people as a duo or trio but never solo unless you don’t mind dying too often.

But no matter how you choose to play, you can still emerge a Warzone winner. All you need is the right strategy, tip, and trick, to play better and win more. Also, combining our tips with proven warzone hacks will help you to simplify the game.

So, find the amazing warzone tips below.

Warzone Tips to Win

1. Touch the settings a bit

First of all, what sensitivity do you prefer to play with for optimal performance? According to experts, a 450DPI will give you more control. You can start at this point and raise it more as you master the game. Other settings include music volume; make sure it remains at 0.00. Also, the Slide Behavior should be a “TAP,” while the Armor Plate Behavior should be at “Apply All.”

Another setting is to disable the “Parachute Auto-Deploy” and to place the Mini Map Shape at “Square.” All these settings will increase your efficiency in Warzone.

2. Choose weapons that fit.

Your choice of war weapon influences the outcome. So the first thing to do is to grab a gun that will bring out the best soldier in you. Thankfully, the guns in this game are amazing and deadly at the same time. According to pro players, the top ones include CR-56 AMAX, Krig 6, OBZ-83, FARA 83, Kar98k, C58, Swiss K31, MAC-10, OTs 9, TEC-9, Bullfrog, etc.

Take a little time to study these guns and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also, try to master their recoil system and spray patterns. With the knowledge, you can choose the best one for you to fight with on the map. Every player got their spec, and you should get yours too.

3. Customize loadout but loot

If you master the weapons available before playing Warzone but don’t get the chance to use them, you just waste your time. So, try to choose the specific loadout that will feature your special weapons, perks, and equipment. Then, once you’re done and now playing, grab cash to buy your loadout drop from a BuyStation.

But make sure you still loot on the map. Some of the things you need include cash so you can still buy other amazing items such as gas masks, armor satchel, etc.

4. Land before others

Making it faster to the map has many advantages. The first is that you’ll grab the finest loot items before other players. This implies that your weapon will be up to par, and you can find some items that will help you in the battle. The second advantage is that you can avoid an early death. If many players land onto the map before you, they’ll be ready to shoot you down while you’re landing. So, if you want to gain more and lose nothing, land early. Finally, the great trick to land before others lies in how you use the parachute. According to experts, if you pop the parachute and cut its cord, you’ll move forward. So, repeat this action, again and again, to stay ahead of others.

5. Earn cash fast

There are many ways to make money in Warzone. The most popular is completing contracts. Thankfully, you have up to five contracts available. So, what are you waiting for when there are many things to do with the money you’ll make. For instance, you can buy your Loadout drop, by weapons, equip your teammates, etc. So, don’t overlook the importance of cash as it can help you win.

6. Always shoot to kill

We know that everyone shoots to kill, especially on Warzone maps. So, why do they still miss? That’s because the shooter didn’t make sure that the aim and bullet would hit the target before they released it. So, don’t do the same. Always make sure that you’ll hit your target once the bullet leaves.

The reason is to avoid terrible attacks. If you miss and the opponent has others backing him, they’ll all come for your head. So, be careful and master your aim before shooting to avoid such scenarios.

7. Don’t wander off alone

If you expose yourself a lot in this game, you’ll die early. So don’t ever allow the enemies to find you alone. No matter how excited you are, always stick with your partners. If you face confrontations alone, dying is inevitable. So instead, always communicate with your teammates to know where you are or where you are headed. That way, you can protect one another on the battleground.


Winning this game is challenging but possible. Many people have landed several times, died, and kept pushing until they won. So, if they did, you can still win by following their tips above. So prepare your loadout, land earlier, master your aim, stick together and always play with a suitable gun.