Taipan! – A Fun and Casual Trading Game

Taipan! – A Fun and Casual Trading Game

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Taipan! is a fun and casual trading game where players are to travel across 8 cities to trade and amass their fortune. But bewarrre of the Pirates! Taipan! is also chosen as one of the top 20 classic retro games that you have to try.


"Buy high and sell low" will be the most useful phrase in order to be successful in Taipan!. In the beginning, players are given a choice to have either some cash with debt or no cash, no debt but with 5 guns. The choice is really up to the player. It will involve a different strategy starting out, but, after a while, both will lead to similar gameplay and strategy.

As you travel from ports to ports, you may face pirates in the process where you can fight to earn yourself some loot. However, beware of sea mafia Li-Yuen. His fleet is generally stronger and they will hunt you down, especially if you refuse to pay "protection fee" in your hometown, Hong Kong.

Other than pirates, there is also a perilous weather which can blow you off-course to a different port that you initially intended. So... be careful in your travel and your decision matters! Sometimes running away may be the smartest option to take.

After you have $1 Million in cash, you have the option to retire and see your overall ranking. If you decide not to retire, you can continue to play to earn more money to earn the ultimate title of "Ma Tsu".


Not much, just use keyboard to play. Type the first letter of the option that you want to do and press enter. Mouse is not used.

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If the game is no longer available, please contact us at support@playplayfun.com

Taipan! – A Fun and Casual Trading Game