20 Classic Retro Games That You Need To Try (Part 1 – Games 1 – 10)

20 Classic Retro Games That You Need To Try (Part 1 – Games 1 – 10)

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The games that are included in the 20 Classic Retro Games That You Need To Try will exclude highly popular games as, likely, most have tried them. In our list, the games selected are more obscure, which some would call it hidden gems. So, without further delay, here are the list of games without any particular order.

1. Taipan

An old…old game that was first available on the Apple II computer with only 1 color: GREEN! Taipan puts you as a sea trader where you have to travel around 9 cities to buy and sell commodities to make a living (well, more than a living, but more like wealth). But can you do it? Pirates and loansharks will try to chisel off your profit while harsh weather can bring doom to your travelling days.

Now, you can play Taipan online on our site: https://playplayfun.com/taipan-a-fun-and-casual-trading-game/

2. Dragon Force

Originally released on the Sega Saturn, Dragon Force was successful enough to get a sequel, albeit never released outside Japan due to the collapse of Sega Saturn. However, this does not change the fact that Dragon Force is a force (no pun intended) to be reckoned with in the strategy game genre.

The game consists of world map exploration, hero management, multiple branching storyline and 100 v 100 battleground. The battle is where the bulk of the charm lies. Just take a look at the video on the tweet below to see how awesome the battles are!

3. Military Madness

Released on the TurboGrax 16 console, Military Madness is a turn-based strategy war game in which its battle mechanic is also used in the highly popular Advance Wars game franchise. We believe Military Madness did not get the popularity it deserved back then due to the platform that it was available on. TurboGrafx 16 was overshadowed by its giant peers, Snes and Genesis. Luckily, the game was eventually re-released on the Playstation as Nectaris.

4. Qix

Let’s face it, Qix is a relatively unknown game. Nevertheless, Qix’s game mechanics lay the foundation of a more recent popular game, paper.io and paper.io 2. The gameplay hovers around claiming screen area by drawing rectangles. Once you conquer 70% of the total screen area, you win. But, be careful of Sparx, who is out there to stop you from completing your rectangles.

5. Biomotor Unitron

Biomotor Unitron is the Pokemon game in Neo Geo Pocket Color system. The battle system feels familiar if you are used to playing Pokemon. On the other hand, instead of collecting monsters, Biomotor Unitron lets you collect robotic parts to power up your Unitron.

6. Super Smash TV

Super Smash TV is an arcade shooter game that was released on SNES, Genesis, SMS and Game Gear. It reminds me of the movie called The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in which criminals are forced to participate in a TV Game show where they are either kill or be killed. Super Smash TV takes on a similar premise where you go through waves after waves of enemies and try to survive in a TV Show.

Aside from the sickening premise, the game is a blast to play especially if you have a buddy to play together.

Ultima V: Warrior’s of Destiny

This game is one of the few games that we still occasionally play (2021) and likely one that we will still play in the future. The game is deep and complex even by today’s standard. We will not be writing much of the gameplay mechanic for Ultima V as it will be too long. However, we would like to mention what we love from the game:

  • The spell names… who still remember Kal Xen Corp, Vas Flam and In Por?
  • The runic alphabet of the Elder Futhark.
  • The Magic Carpet
  • The Nazgul… err The Shadow Lords
  • The Reagents… waiting at midnight to harvest Mandrake and Nightshade

There are tons more that we love about Ultima V and we have to cut the list short to move on…

8. Karateka

Although the theme is overly done where hero needs to rescue a damsel in distress, the core gameplay is brilliant. It makes you feel like you are in a Karate match. Step forward or backward strategically to gain an advantage before you strike with kicks or punches. It just feels satisfying when you hit and defeat the enemy. Plus, we love the occasional cut scene where “The Big Boss” orders his minions to go out and fight.

9. Master of Magic

Master of Magic feels like a prequel to the Age of Wonders series. If you are also not familiar with Age of Wonders, you have to stop reading this article and head to Steam to check out Age of Wonders Franchise.

10. Rescue Raiders

You are the pilot of a helicopter in a war and your mission is to support your troops to conquer the enemy’s base. The thing that shines in Rescue Raiders is how you can slalom in the air to dodge missiles or engage in a dogfight against the enemy’s chopper. There are other features as well that make the game interesting such as anti-air guns, bunkers, and self-destruct vehicles that launch heat-seeking missile.

If you are looking for a quick action war game to play, this would be it. Definitely worth your time to try it.

That’s it! Those are the first 10 games that come to our mind when we think of must-play retro games from the 1980s and 1990s. Please check out our next article that brings Game 11-20 of Classic Retro Games That You Should Try.


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