Why Mobile Apps Have Become Indispensable for Online Casinos

Why Mobile Apps Have Become Indispensable for Online Casinos

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The world has changed again. Online gaming has evolved with it, both from necessity and innovation. Visiting in-person casinos isn’t an option for many people these days. Family obligations, time commitments, even pandemics make web-based ones desirable alternatives to people who want to play but can’t go out.

Casino apps have become supremely important to any mobile casino. In 2019, Eurostat found 92% of young people in Europe used a portable device to access the internet away from home or work, compared to 52% who used a computer. An impressive 94% of young people use these to access the internet daily.

This trend is increasing due to government lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic. With more people home-bound, there’s a significant rise in and convenience of online shopping and entertainment.

Even in countries like Sweden, which avoided lockdowns, social distancing and work-at-home scenarios mean more device usage. Amy Martinsson, an online gaming expert (view her profile here), says mobile gaming apps are the key to casinos thriving in these uncertain times and even growing their customer base. You can find ratings and reviews for casino apps on sites like https://cvasino.se/.

Casino Apps are Getting Better

Mobile gaming apps used to be fairly basic. Now, casino apps sport 3D graphics, highly interactive interfaces, and virtually any game you can think of in one.

Players can switch from one game to another; they can do so right in the same app. You can use the one secure account for everything.

Advantages over Websites

Gaming websites provide great security and functionality, but their overall experience can be limited. With apps, a developer can integrate many other features into the experience:

  • the device’s camera
  • social media
  • instant messaging
  • Live updates for sporting events
  • casino apps often provide more incentives and bonuses to play than websites

Playing casino games while you’re on public transport, waiting at the doctor’s office, or sitting in a cafe is far more convenient on your device than on a laptop. Mobile gaming apps can push notifications to customers, prompting them to make a play right now. People don’t go anywhere without their phones but often leave their laptops at home.

Social Media Connection

Statistica reports that a major benefit of apps over computer websites is the potential integration with social media. For Facebook users, 98.8% access it from devices, and 79.9% access it ONLY from them.

Having the ability to display an ad to a user, have them tap a button and download or open a casino app is critical. Plus, players can easily share their fun with their friends.

This ability to introduce new users to your app organically easily creates a superior customer experience. A casino can make it quick and seamless for a player to find their app, open an account, and be having fun in seconds. This action is significantly more efficient than any process on a desktop computer.

Action in Your Hand

Mobile devices have become an extension of our hands and minds. When people want to look up or do something fast, they whip out their phones. The spontaneous nature of today’s advanced smartphones allows online casinos to design games that permit short bursts of play rather than sitting at a computer for hours.

Waiting in a long line? Play a few hands of Blackjack.

Hanging out with friends watching the game? Place a sports bet on your team.

Bored because you already binged Netflix? Play some poker.

Receive notifications of odds changes or score updates along with winnings, make quick sports bets, and invite your friends to play with you.

At Home Yet Mobile

People are becoming both transient and homebodies at the same time. It’s a weird dichotomy. The irony is that even at home, they prefer using their phones over computers.

In 2019, these made up 52.2% of all traffic accessing websites (keep in mind apps access websites). This figure does not include tablets, so total devices are significantly more than half of all website traffic.

With lockdowns, more people working from home, and increasing data speeds, portable device usage is only accelerating. Companies like SpaceX building its StarLink global internet satellite network promote data usage, so we should expect the phone and tablet internet experience to improve.


Online casinos need to have apps to combat uncertainties like weather and pandemics. Casino apps are indispensable to growing customer bases. With faster network speeds, more social media integration, and increased interface capabilities, gaming companies without robust ones will be left behind.