What Makes Strategy Games Exciting?

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Strategy games are games that have the power to give you either the most interesting gameplay of your life or the most frustrating gameplay of your life. The reason for that is a simple one; it’s either you figure out the strategy behind the games or the game simply beats you, which, in turn, will leave you 9 out 10 times frustrated and double guessing your skills.

However, despite all that, strategy games are much fun, and they are very exciting as well. We believe that they have the power to unlock various aspects of your mind and will allow you to think better, and even handle some situations in life better. There are many different types of strategy games; board games, multiplayer games, real-time tactics and strategy games, strategic casino games, and of course card games. Because there are so many different types of games that are built on strategic gameplay, different websites tend to focus on one specific type of game. Some types of games are more popular in some countries than others. Strategic games have historically been part of the Middle East and North African culture which may explain why this market is the main target by developers of strategy video games and online casino games. Online blackjack has quickly become one of the most popular games in the MENA region resulting in news sites being developed in Arabic, focusing on strategic casino games. That is why Arabwinners.com has dedicated a whole section of its website to strategy games like Blackjack.

Despite the many different types of games, all strategy games have something in common. There are certain factors that make strategy games exciting. Because of this, gamers of all various types from Domino to Blackjack and Clash of Clans, enjoy strategy games so much. It stimulates us in a way that luck-based games can not achieve. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what it is that makes strategy games exciting.

1. The Use of Strategy

The first thing that makes strategy games more exciting as compared to other games is the use of strategy in the games. Most games are basic, and you can easily figure out the games after one or two levels, which then deems the rest of the gameplay to be dull and boring. You have nothing to look forward to because you know what will happen next, making the game boring, as it will be predictable.

However, that is not the case when it comes to strategy games. In fact, the game will literally keep you at the edge of the seat wondering what will happen next, which is what gamers love. They enjoy the fact that they have to use their brains to get to the next level. In addition, while in most cases, crossing the level can take days on end, it is still worth it at the end of the day.

2. Learning as You Play

Another thing that makes strategy games exciting is the fact that you have to learn as you play the game. While in most games, reading the rules simply does the trick, this is not the case when it comes to strategy games, as you have to figure it out somehow before you can move any further.

This causes the game to be challenging, frustrating, and exciting at the same time. This is because the moment that you think you have figured it out is when you realize that you were not even close, and then you are forced to start again from scratch. As we mentioned earlier, strategy games can give you the best gameplay of your life, or they will make you question your gaming skills and wish that you never started the game, to begin with.

3. The Unknown

In some games, you can see the end before the game has even begun, but that is not the same when it comes to playing games of strategy. While you may think that you have the game all figured out, it throws something at you that you were not expecting and the whole game takes a different course from the one that you had charted out beforehand.

Take a game of chess, for instance. You may be used to using a particular strategy and have managed to get away with it most times. However, there comes a time where you will meet another player and then your strategy will literally be useless, and you have come up with a new one on the spot.

That is what we mean when we say that you will have to deal with the unknown when you play strategy games, the game throws something new at you when you think that you have figured it all out. This then makes the gameplay unique and very exciting.

4. Applicable In Real Life Situations

Strategy games are special because you are able to use that very same strategy to guide you through real-life situations. The manner in which the games are structured will need players to be fast thinkers, intuitive, and able to adapt, amongst many other traits. You will notice that these are the very same traits that you will need when you want to handle real-life situations. As such, as you play the games, you are in fact training your mind to handle problems in life.

Moreover, life, just like strategy games, does not come with an exact formula on how things need to be, and you will be forced to figure it along the way, as is the predominant nature of most strategy games. We didn’t mention much about the history of strategy games in this article. It’s really a topic by itself but it’s very interesting that this type of games goes back to the time of ancient civilizations. Every generation has had its own list of top strategic games and most of the vintage games that are so popular today are strategy games. It will be interesting to see what of our most popular games of today will be considered “vintage” in the future but for sure, strategic games will never lose its excitement, for the reasons we just mentioned.