What Does RTP Mean in Slots?

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Online casinos offer visitors a wide selection of slot machines from leading providers in the industry. In modern slots, such characteristics as the interface, payout ratios, storyline, and bet sizes vary. An important indicator for players is the return percentage of the game. Software manufacturers put the RTP parameter into the slots with the withdrawal of money. The higher this value, the larger the possible payout.

What is RTP?

The abbreviation RTP stands for Return-to-Player. This is the percentage of the total amount of bets in the machine, which the online casino returns to players in the form of winnings. The rest of the money (usually 5 to 9%) stays with the casino as “commissions”. This parameter shows the ratio between prize and total bets in percentage terms. The criterion helps players to select the most profitable slots for real money in the casino catalogue. Features of the RTP indicator include the following:

  • It shows the approximate probability of winning;
  • It calculates gaming sessions over long distances – from 1000 spins;
  • It gives an idea of the profitability, and generosity of the video slot;
  • It helps players choose the optimal betting strategy.

In modern online slots Сanada, the percentage of return varies between 96-98%. If the parameter is lower, this does not mean that the game is unpromising and losing. The RTP of slots in any online casino should be evaluated along with volatility, bet multipliers, payout ratios, bonuses, and free spins.

How to Calculate RTP in Slots?

Software manufacturers lay the theoretical return on all slots. Large providers create slots for money with RTP from 95%. This means that the probability of receiving a reward for a player is from 95 coins over a long distance from 1000 spins, and the house edge reaches 5% of all player bets. Information about the return rate is indicated in the “Game Rules” or “Help” section. You can get information on the official resource of the provider or calculate the theoretical return rate yourself:

  1. To determine the wagering percentage, you need to select an online casino and go to its website;
  2. In the catalogue of slot machines, select the game by name or manufacturer;
  3. Set up a demo mode to play a long session;
  4. Specify the bet size with which the player plans to play slots for real money, select the number of paylines;
  5. Spin the reels at least 100 times for an approximate RTP calculation;
  6. The received winnings are divided by the total amount of bets and multiplied by 100%.

The demo versions of the slots have an automatic spins mode, which is convenient to use for making a large number of spins. Based on the calculated indicator, you can form an opinion about the profitability of the slot machine and decide whether to bet real money on a proven slot.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that slots need to be licensed and verified. To put it simply, if a game is not a legit one, you might lose all your money and that’s what fraudster software providers do when creating slots.