What Are Social Games & What Makes Them so Fun?

What Are Social Games & What Makes Them so Fun?

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The global social games industry is ever-evolving machinery that constantly moves forward, grows, and expands. It’s an essential element of the digital economy and entertainment industry, with hundreds of millions of people from all over the world playing social games.

According to them, social games are the most amusing and relaxing form of entertainment. People have always enjoyed games with a social aspect, but modern technology now allows them to access any game anytime, anywhere.

It has contributed to the rising popularity of social games and the latest advancements in online social platforms and mobile devices. These advancements changed the way people pay, play, and access games. Let’s see what social games are and some of the reasons why they are so popular.

What Are Social Games?

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when social games are mentioned are console games – the paid games you play on a console such as Xbox or on PC. Nowadays, social games are games with a social element that are played on mobile devices or online.

The social element refers to people who play with or against others, or participate in chat rooms and leader boards or share progress via social media networks. This social aspect enables people to join together and play against others to enhance game experiences.

The thing with social games is that they are suitable for people of all genders and ages. Nowadays, every person on this planet has a smartphone and an account on Facebook or Instagram. That’s quite enough to have constant access to a wide range of different social games.

People of all ages play social games today, but player profiles differ across different genres. If we’re talking about casino-style social games, they typically appeal to an older demographic.

Different Models of Social Games

There are four different models of social games:

  • Freemium – you can access and play games for free, with certain special and additional features, such as extra tools or extra lives, available for a real money payment.
  • Free game – game access and play are free, but the games include various means of advertising to cover the developer’s costs.
  • Paid game – you need to pay to access and play the ad-free game.
  • Subscription – one of the most common game payment models, often used in MMORPGs and console games. You get monthly or annual access to the game and special features for a fee.

Reasons Why Social Games Are so Popular

Since social games provide an immersive experience and are easy to play and lots of fun, people enjoy them a lot. Let’s see some of the reasons why these games are popular these days.

Online access

The internet is swarming with social media networks. Internet users have an array of options on their hands. They used to have traditional games like chess, checkers, or backgammon – however, the digital age took things to the next level.

Social media provides access to countless online social games people can play, along with channels where players can share their progress, performance, and achievements.

Fresh design

People enjoy social games because they provide:

  • Entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • Social interaction
  • Stress relief
  • Mental stimulation
  • Free access to loads of fun

Whether you prefer role-playing, casino-related games like slots, or puzzles, there is a social game for everyone out there. The fresh design and innovative gameplay make these games so attractive and inviting.

The best example is Slotomania free slot games that you can play for free and for as long as you want, whenever you want. When you have so much convenience, it’s hard to resist.

Free play

One of the biggest advantages of social gaming is the many different options players have at their disposal. More importantly, there are thousands of social games that you can play for free, anytime, anyplace.

From puzzles and sports simulations to brainiac and arcade games, there are so many social games that it’s easy to lose count. House of Fun free spins is the best example. All it takes is to join the game, get your free spins and welcome bonus, and have some fun.

Fantastic music and video effects

Audio and video effects, along with design, make social games and the entire gaming experience much more enjoyable, exciting, immersive, and engaging. High tempo soundtracks, outstanding visuals, top effects only allow players to lose themselves in the game.

It’s the modern technology that made social and online games so immersive and hard to resist, as explained in this article. It also contributed to the stunning game variety that internet users have under their fingers today.


Playability, mobility, game variety, convenience, affordability, and accessibility make social games readily available for every person on this planet. If you take the fact that most people are online today, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to see why these games are so popular and fun these days.