Unlimited Golf by Clayton Scavone is two dimensional randomly generated golf game currently featuring eleven unique course types and infinite holes.

Play through 11 course types and infinite holes in the best golf game that has ever come to Android! Each 9 hole course has a par based on the difficulty of the holes it contains. Score under par to unlock the next course!


  • Eleven unique course types including Desert, Moon, Forest, Mountains, and even Meteor Showers
  • Infinite randomly generated holes
  • Pars for each hole generated by difficulty
  • Wind that affects ball speed
  • In depth stat tracking
  • No microtransactions

Unlimited Golf will take you on a relaxing and endless game of golf. The numerous types of course coupled with randomly generated holes will get you playing this game for a long time. Unlimited Golf serves perfectly for what it is intended for; a good time waster.

However, I do notice that the physics can be a little confusing sometimes. I was expecting the ball to roll down as it lands on a slope, but it was perched there and not rolling. I can't seem to know 100% sure when the ball will roll or immediately stop when hitting a flat plains.