Top 5 Best SAT Prep Games to Make Prep Fun

Top 5 Best SAT Prep Games to Make Prep Fun

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Just in case you are not aware, there is a new trend of playing games while preparing for your SAT. Most developers have optimised compatible games both on mobile devices and desktop. No doubt that this sounds good, but you must be careful since just a handful of games will help you. Many others are not recommendable for students. Of course, games are an option for students who have enough free time, however, even if you are overloaded with paperwork, you can delegate this piece of work to the best custom essay writing service, thereby freeing up more time to prepare for the SAT. The good games provide you with some experience of how you can conduct test prep when you succeed in enrolling for top rated SAT prep course at online test prep, read Manhattan Prep review to find if this company fits your needs. Nonetheless, you should not expect much from the games because they only complement the usual practice problems and tests.

The list below comprises of the best five games that will give you a fun experience while preparing for your SAT:


You can play this game from an online platform, and your duty is to try and fill up a bowl of rice. When you provide a correct answer to a question, the system automatically rewards a needy person with some rice. The game bears a SAT prep category, but students are advised to ignore it because the questions are old-fashioned. Instead, it would be best if you switched to the English grammar mode that has more recent data. Here, your role in the game is to select the correct sentences that comply with grammar rules. You advance in your level if the answer you give is correct. This practice is ideal as you enhance your elimination skills when you are finally presented with the SAT. Read more about eliminations skills such as providing satisfactory points when asked to compare to opposing ideas.

NYTimes Student Crosswords

There is so much fun on this page where you can find printable crosswords covering vast disciplines including algebra, geometry, and grammar. There are more academic subjects covered in the games which you can play in groups or just alone. Generally, crosswords present puzzles that ought to be resolved, and it is quite gratifying to find solutions. Regarding the subject matter that is the SAT, crosswords are a source of a fun review that gives you an experience of how to handle the questions.


Students who wish to find some thrill in the SAT prep should join this platform that uses thousands of flashcards uploaded by other developers. You do not have to pay anything to join because all these flashcards are available from a free account. However, you must spend some minutes to explore the ones that are useful for study since not all of them are of value.

Fortunately, you can sort them out and eject the ones you do not need. Quizlet allows you to use the cards in two modes. One involves asteroids where you have to provide the correct answer to prevent them from hitting the planet. The second mode is simply a matching game. As outlined by this article, these games come in handy as assistive technology tools for students.

Daily SAT Practice

Although you will find little features to convince you that it is a game, it is an official College Board app. The app provides you with a question daily which is related to the details in your SAT. The good thing is that it allows you to interact with other students where you can discuss your results and compare notes. The app is safe because the College Board approves all questions. You can find more info here about the importance of such gaming to education.

Sheppard’s Software

This is a site that hosts educational flash games. The games cover many subjects and the common ones are found in the maths page. They include geometry, algebra and probability. However, you can also find more games in other sections like Language Arts. Some of the questions here are designed to test your skills in parts of speech and punctuation. If you constantly play this game, you will master some of these concepts, and you may not have any problem recalling some rules on the day of the SAT.

Final Thoughts

Education is a serious concept, but it can be spiced up through some games. SAT prep games have been designed to complement education rather than distracting learners from the main agenda. As long as you have selected good games, you should not worry about the time you spend on your device to explore them. Some of them have literally similar questions that you will encounter in your SAT.

However, if you are tired, do keep in mind to take some breaks and play leisure games such as the one in slotpg. Having enough rest ensures you to be able to study more efficiently.