The Top Apps To Keep You Occupied Over Christmas

The Top Apps To Keep You Occupied Over Christmas

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As Coca Cola would say, the holidays are coming. And while it’s an excellent time to see friends and family, catching up with loved ones, it comes with its fair share of downtime too.

That’s especially going to be the case this year, and whether it’s a boring night in front of Christmas television, or a long train ride to a family member’s, there are plenty of ways to spice that time up. What’s more, you can largely do so via your smartphone too!

There are dozens of apps perfect for keeping you entertained both over long periods and even a quick five minutes.

Below you’ll find our favourite apps for keeping you entertained this Christmas…


2020 has been a big year for online bingo and the traditional game is keeping millions of people occupied worldwide both via desktop computers and mobile apps.

Mobile bingo is massively popular today, whether it be enjoying familiar games such as 90-ball bingo or newer variants like slingo bingo.

If you like to play bingo for mobile, there are many apps available for both iPhone and Android devices that are specifically designed to suit smaller screens and work perfectly, allowing you to not only while away the hours, but potentially pick up a jackpot too!


Ultimately, if you’re going to be spending a period away from home, particularly at an older relatives who may not be subscribed to streaming services, it could be a simple case of downloading Netflix to stay occupied.

We don’t need to tell you what the streaming service is all about, with thousands of titles and some gripping box sets that will make a four hour train ride feel like five minutes.

Of course, if you aren’t connected to wi-fi, do be aware it will take some significant data from you, although there are settings which help you control this.

Football Manager

If you’re a sport lover you won’t find many games more addictive than Football Manager. It’s an iconic title that has transitioned into app form seamlessly.

It puts you in charge of a football team, where you must deal with transfers, club finances and every players happiness and training schedules to guide them to victory.

You can get through many seasons, to the point where you may even find your own son playing in your side or the stadium named after you! If you’re a success anyway…

BBC Sounds

For any podcast or radio lover, then BBC Sounds is most certainly the app for you. You’ll find all types of content on there as well as be able to listen to live radio, meaning you can enjoy the latest football commentary on 5 Live, pop music on Radio 1 and plenty more across the likes of Asian Network, Radio 4 and 6 Music.

When it comes to podcasts there’s tons to choose from with all manner of topics and interests from music and sport to comedy, self-help, history, food and drink and much, much more.

It’s the perfect app to accompany your headphones, whether you’re travelling or you just need a quick escape from a hectic house on Christmas Day.