The Best Fun Game for Children

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In a world where children do what they are supposed to do, they would never long for having their hands on a smartphone. But these places just exist in our imagination. The time is gone when toddlers and small kids were occupied with wooden Lego blocks or colours. To make our lives a little easier and to do our chores peacefully without blowing off the ticking timebomb on two legs who want your attention 24X7. Not to mention that kids these days just don’t sleep.

Limited exposure to tech and screens is good for children. This doesn’t mean that we show them any irrelevant video to keep them engaged all the screen time. Parents have to choose smartly. We have created a list for you already. These apps can keep your children occupied while you enjoy your game of slot online. We have collated a list of online applications that can understand the significance of numbers, letters, colours, and shapes. Kids feel transported to another world. Some of these applications involve the child moving and do things to make sure that they are not just sitting and watching.

ABC Mouse

This game is available on its website and Google Play Store, Amazon, and App Store as an application. The games in this application roll out as a story that has small quizzes and activities. The best thing about this game is that the parent can trace the child’s development through a map that records the child’s development based on the child’s engagement with the app. It comes with a month’s free trial, and after that, it charges $10 a month. It is best for children aged between 2-8.


As the name suggests, the book is all about stories, fairytales, and fables. Best for children aged 2-12, it can help you to find many bedtime stories. If your stock of storybooks has run out and your kid wants to hear a new story every night, Epic can help you. The app’s database has over 35,000 children’s books. You may either read it yourself, or the app has a read to me feature that reads out the book for children. It comes with a month’s free trial and a monthly subscription charge of $8 per month.

Quick Math Jr.

This application costs you nothing but gives you a lot. It is available on the Apple App Store. This is best for developing math skills for children between 4-8 years of age. Recently, a survey conducted found that children grow to become fearful of the subject, and America comes 24th in the list of 35 OECD countries good at maths. This interactive app can make your child comfortable with the subject through twelve different kinds of math games. It sharpens the basic skills of the child. The graphics and interface are easy to use. The child’s answers are to be written on the screen rather than typing, thus giving them a chance to practice handwriting.


If you are looking for an app that can keep you and your child engaged, Duolingo comes first. The cost is free, and you may shed $7 for an ad-free seamless experience. Learning a language at an early level develops cognitive skills in your child. The app allows the user to learn any of the 30 languages using word identification and audio training. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


You could have never imagined that there is a free of cost coding app for children. Yes! While many online schools are charging a hefty fee for coding classes, this will not cost you anything. The app is designed to make the user understand the basic concepts of coding. It is like a treasure hunt. Children get a light bot when they enter functions that are commonly used in coding and programming languages. This app is appropriate for 8+ children.

Brainpop Jr.

Brainpop has been a pioneer in providing videos for children to build their general knowledge. The informative videos feature a myriad of significant facts ranging from food allergies to Picasso. You could not take your child to see the Stone hedge or Leaning Tower of Pisa in a pandemic. The app is a way to take your child on a virtual tour. The app is free, and a monthly subscription fee of $7 is optional. It is ideal for 6-9 years old, and there is a version for older kids also.

Your child’s screen time can be informative and educational with the appropriate degree for fun.