Strategies for Maximising Wins on Bitcoin Casino Games

Strategies for Maximising Wins on Bitcoin Casino Games

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Are you aware of how to choose the best Bitcoin casino for your gaming pleasure? If you already have this in the bag, then your next step is to discover how to win.

Bitcoin casino games offer higher bet limits and payouts than traditional casino games. So, it would be quite an affront if you couldn’t take advantage of these advantages to win more as you play.

As such, we’ll be providing you with reliable strategies that you can use in any crypto casino game. With the 9 strategies listed in this article, you’ll discover how to maximise wins on Bitcoin casino games.

9 Strategies for Maximising Wins on Bitcoin Casino Games

If you feel like you’ve been wasting funds when playing Bitcoin games, you should apply the 9 strategies below. There are quite a few crypto casino games out there, and the methods that you’ll see here are one-size-fits-all.

Register at a Reputable Casino

The first step to maximising your wins at a Bitcoin casino is to play at a good casino. Most of the tips that you’ll find in this guide won’t do you much good if the odds are stacked against you. Your strategies won’t work when the crypto casino doesn’t play fair, so you need to find a reputable casino.

A reputable casino bears many characteristics, like:

  • A betting licence like the Curacao eGaming licence and the Malta Gaming Authority licence.
  • Positive online reputation.
  • Reliable customer support channels with fast response times.

Play Casino Games with Low House Edge and High RTP

The Return To Player (RTP) of a crypto casino game determines your winning chances in the game. While all games come with their own RTP percentage, the industry average is 96% if you still want that little advantage.

A 96% RTP means that a $100 wager can offer a long-term return of $96. So, you can see that a higher RTP will provide you with better long-term returns.

Apart from RTP, another factor to watch out for is the game’s house edge. The house edge represents the advantage that the casino has in a specific game. So, games with a high house edge offer the casino a massive advantage, while games with a low house edge do the opposite.

To this effect, you can maximise your wins in Bitcoin casinos by playing games with a low house edge. Most games with a low house edge are table games, one of which is blackjack with a 0.46% house edge.

As you’ve probably guessed, games with low house edges tend to have high RTP percentages. For instance, the RTP of some blackjack games can go as high as 99.5%.

Try the Demo Game

Most of the games that you’ll see at cryptocurrency casinos come with a demo version. The demo versions of a game are perfect for testing your in-game strategies.

Instead of testing it in the main game and losing money in the process, you can fire up the demo game. Demos also offer you an opportunity to understand a game’s controls before you play the real thing.

Take Frequent Breaks

If you hope to increase your chances of winning at Bitcoin casinos, your body and mind need to be in excellent shape. This means that you need to take frequent breaks when you bet. You overwork your brain when you play for too long, and this can cause you to make silly mistakes along the way.

Keep the Drugs and Alcohol Away

Enjoying a glass of wine or a good bottle of beer is a pleasure that many punters indulge in when betting. Some people don’t stop there but rather go ahead and include drugs like weed and cocaine to heighten this pleasure.

Sure, these substances can improve your mood, but they’ll also make you impulsive and prone to mistakes. The side effects of indulging in these substances when wagering aren’t limited to them. Nonetheless, they all indicate that this is a bad idea, as it will increase your chances of losing.

Use the Bonuses Offered by the Casino

There is a wide variety of bonuses that crypto casinos offer, ranging from cashbacks to free spins and deposit matches. This means that bonuses can offer free money, free turns at a game, increased odds, etc.

These benefits that you get from a bonus can offer you a lucky chance to win a game. So, it makes sense to utilise these benefits whenever you get the chance.

Bankroll Your Wagers

Setting aside funds for gambling won’t do much when you’re trying to improve your winning chances. Dividing these funds into smaller pieces would provide more chances for you to win games. That’s because there’s a higher probability of getting lucky when you can wager numerous times in a game.

Keep a Cool Head

Many players tend to fly off the handle when they lose. There are also others who get ahead of themselves when they’re winning. All of this boils down to the fact that we tend to make mistakes when we get agitated.

Hence, if you want to improve your winning chances in a cryptocurrency casino, you must learn how to remain calm. Winning streaks shouldn’t cause you to become arrogant and careless, and losing streaks shouldn’t cause you to start chasing losses.

Utilise Betting Strategies

Luck-based games are casino games that are impervious to skill. This makes it difficult for players in such games to increase their winning chances since they can’t get better at the game.

Although many crypto games, like slots, are more dependent on luck than skill, you can still use strategies on them. Betting strategies are techniques that rely on a player’s funds to take advantage of their lucky winning opportunities.

There are quite a few such strategies today, and they’ve all been tested in numerous luck-based games and found useful. Some of them include the D’Alembert strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, the Martingale strategy, etc.


Bitcoin casino games offer many innate advantages, among which are the high value of your wins, high payouts, and high maximum bets. This makes every win you get in a cryptocurrency casino game so rewarding. With the strategies outlined above, you’ll discover that it’ll become easier to win at Bitcoin casinos.