Potential Slot Games Based on German Celebrities

Potential Slot Games Based on German Celebrities

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We can probably all agree that there is a great range of online casino games these days. This is especially true when it comes to video slots, as many popular titles now cover themes such as movies, sports teams, mythical creatures, and so much more. However, in recent years, it would seem that there is a growing demand for casino gamers to play slot games that focus on celebrities. And for the purposes of this post, we will be examining some potential slot games that might emerge in the coming months or years that are focused on German celebrities.

This specific category is still a bit of an untapped resource by many of the leading German online casinos. But with that said, we do have a few predictions for what celebrities might make an appearance in fresh slot games before you know it. Of course, none of this has been confirmed as of yet, but there are certainly some rumors flying around with the celebrities that we have mentioned below.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

One of the best features of online slots is the music that accompanies them. So as you might imagine, some of the classic slot games have been focused on famous bands that we have enjoyed over the years. In fact, some of the very best ones include the likes of The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, and even Guns ‘N Roses have had an online slot game before. But we have a feeling that certain providers might be looking to take things a bit more old school, which is why we feel that the famous Beethoven could star in a video slot over the coming years.

Obviously, this guy is one of the most famous German composers of all time. But since Beethoven was around a few hundred years ago, it goes without saying that the music for this potential slot game will be classical and relaxed. This will surely be to the liking of many people, and it would certainly offer quite a unique slot gaming experience compared to what is currently out there.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

As we have mentioned above, it is common for slot games to be developed based on famous musical bands. Yet another category that we often find at the leading casino sites is slot games that are focused on famous athletes. One of the prime examples right now would be the Frankie Dettori progressive jackpot that you can find on many sites. As many of you might know, Dettori is one of the most famous horse jockeys that there has ever been, so it would seem fitting that one of the most famous German footballers might get his own video slot.

As identified above, we believe that Bastian Schweinsteiger has a fighting chance of appearing in some of the top casino libraries sometime soon. This is because Schweinsteiger is absolutely adored throughout Germany, largely thanks to his contributions during the 2012 World Cup. Of course, this guy was pivotal in his role to allow Germany to ultimately lift the trophy, and he will forever be hailed as a King of the football pitch.

Angela Merkel

Politics is always a subject that creates a bit of tension with normal people. However, politics is also a huge part of life, which is why we have a feeling that the current German prime minister could be the star of a slot game in the coming months. It would take a brave person to guess whether this slot game would make fun of Merkel or not, and an even braver person to decide what sort of music would go along with the game. But with that in mind, it is rather exciting to let the mind wander, and we will certainly be keeping our eyes out for any news relating to an Angela Merkel themed slot game.

Who knows what kind of features could potentially emerge for this game as well. Maybe we could see a Brexit style bonus, or maybe we could see features starring other influential German politicians. The possibilities are endless really, but with Merkel being such a prominent figure in Germany right now, we feel that she is high up the list for new celebrity slot games.

Final Thoughts

Only time will tell whether we actually get treated to slot games based on these famous Germans. Yet one thing is for certain, if they do, we will be updating our gaming news so you too can give the game a try if they do hit the casino libraries at some of the top online casinos today.