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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection

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Pongis by Pongis Games is an ultra-simple, addictive and fun ball game.


You can control your Pongi with the cursor keys. The UP key is used to make your Pongi run. Use the LEFT and RIGHT cursor to turn. It might take you some time to get used to the controls but it's worth it!

You can pick to play with a team of your choice. Pick any English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, or Portuguese team. You can also choose one of 25 country teams and play your own little World Cup.

With every match you play you earn Pongipoints. You earn 1 Pongipoint for each goal you score. You get 3 Pongipoints for match victories, 1 Pongipoint for draws, and 1 additional Pongipoint for each completed match. You can get extra Pongipoints for higher AI speed.

And if you're really big into cats, play PONGIS in Cute Kitten mode, it's gonna make you meooow!

You can earn badges for played matches, victories, and goals. There are unconfirmed rumors that nobody has ever collected all badges. Can you?


Use the cursor keys to control the player when playing against the AI. Up key is for speed, right and left keys to turn. If you play against a human opponent, use A, W, D for the player on the left and the cursor keys for the player on the right.

The SPACE bar can be used to pause and resume a match at any point, to skip goal celebrations and replay, and to start games.


Pongis is a little cute game in which the core gameplay is based on the original Pong game. However, you will quickly notice that it is more than just Pong, but it is more like a combination between Pong and Soccer.

The control is simple, though sometimes it is a little tough to direct your Pongi to the direction that you would like it to go. The key is not to go full speed everytime, but, rather, to be more measured and burst at the right moment (and direction).

Go ahead, give Pongis a try. This is a great game that you can play quickly in between other things. Perfect for a quick break in the office too!