Noob Tough Jump Demo

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Noob Tough Jump by Yellow Lantern is extremely fun and crazy tough game, whether you are a noob or you are not a noob.

Taps to make your noob heroes jump up and landing then landing onto the next pillar. This jump requires a delicate calculation, or your hero will bang him face to the pillar.

Try to pass as more tough pillars as possible, beat milions of people to become the World Champion of Noob : Tough Jump. Tough Jump has more than 20 different noob heroes to jump with, unlock them all and become the king of the noob heroes and reward a special noob - The King

Play hard to unlock 12 great Achievements to get awesome reward.

Features: (based on the full app version)

  • Free to Play
  • Extremely fun, crazy and tough enough to make you addictive
  • Super simple 1 Touch gameplay
  • Extremely challenging pillars
  • more than 20 Fantastic noob heroes to jump with
  • 12 cool Achievements to unlock
  • Beautiful Minimal Art Style

How to Play: (based on the full app version)
  • Noob hero will jump depend on the distance between noob hero and your Tap. If the distance is large, Noob hero will jump far. If the distance is small, Noob hero will jump short.
  • Noob hero can not jump back
  • DO NOT let him bang his face on the pillar, just landing on it

Please note that this is the demo version of Noob Tough Jump. Some features are limited and not available. Download the full app version to access more features!

Noob Tough Jump is an arcade game where you have to guess the distance and height that you should jump. It is in a way similar to the game that we recently released called Spooky Escape.

In order to jump high, you will need to tap as high as possible. The distance of the jump is determined by how far away you press from the box. However, the exact height or distance that you can travel is a mystery. This is where a tutorial might come in handy. The first few jump should be guided by a jump path to give players a gauge on how the distance and height is calculated. Then again, there's no penalty in dying, you can teach yourself the physics by trial an error.

Once you get a hang of the physics, you can start to explore longer and longer distance, jumping from pillar to pillar.

Overall, Noob Tough Jump is an entertaining game once you master the control. It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something that is not a Flappy Bird clone.

Noob Tough Jump Demo