Most Downloaded Mobile Games Of All Time

Most Downloaded Mobile Games Of All Time

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Mobile gaming is quite possibly the fastest growing sub-sectors of any industry at the moment, generating $60 billion worldwide. We have seen some of the most classic games of all times on our mobile and smartphones and today we look at some of the most downloaded games of all time and why they were so successful.

First of all, the release of Pokémon Go in December 2016 was one of the most raved about releases of all time, with it being the first time that Pokémon fans had seen it on a smartphone. This game allowed many of us to go out and “Catch Them All!” by playing in real time. Pokémon Go has seen over 1 billion downloads globally.

These mobile games have all benefitted from advances in technology as these games wouldn’t have been able to be as successful as they have without the rapid rise in tech quality. Online casinos have also witnessed the same kind of numbers due to technology improving over time, especially these here, and have certainly benefitted from punters now being able to gamble on the go through the use of their apps.

One of the first games to breach the market as one of the most mainstream games of all time was Subway Surfers; a graffiti artist that would run through three lanes on the train tracks avoiding obstacles and attempting to create a high score. This simplistic game was one of the most successful of all time with over 1 billion downloads also.

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Candy Crush Saga again was a craze for a couple years when initially released back in April 2012, at the time you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people playing or at least asking what level you are on. The publishers “King” has claimed this to be the greatest mobile game of all time and that can’t be argued with over 950 million downloads.

If we are going to talk about first games on the market when the App Store was first released, Angry Birds has got to come into contention. With over 350 million downloads in total, Angry birds again was a high score game in which you could compared with your friends but more aimed at the younger generation.

And finally, another one of the greatest games of all time is that of Temple Run; a character running through a temple, turning left, right and jumping out of the way of obstacles and running away from the demon that is chasing you. Temple Run was released in August 2011 and went on to be downloaded half a billion times.

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