Lightning Roulette Review

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Live online casino games continue to advance and as we head into 2023, these games are more popular than ever. The world has come a long way from when the only way you could play live casino games was by visiting your local land-based casino. In modern times, there is an array of live casino games which are available online, all of which are dealt by real, professional live casinos dealers.

One of the most-played online casino games is Lightning Roulette. This is a variation of regular Roulette, however the lightning version offers more chances to win as well as a fair bit more excitement included. This PlayPlayFun Lightning Roulette review will tell you all about this game which can be played at online live casino sites in the United Kingdom.

What Makes Lightning Roulette Special?

Lightning Roulette is the 21st century variation of the classic casino table game. It uses innovative technology and graphics. The main selling point of Lightning Roulette is that it awards random wins through its lightning round. After all bets have been placed, up to five lucky numbers will be struck by lightning. If only one is struck, then this can payout up to 500x your bet, assuming you placed an initial bet on the number which was struck by lightning.

Lightning Roulette was created by Evolution Gaming, who are regarded as the top developers of live casino games. Evolution Gaming have their own live dealer tables at various locations across the world. They utilise state-of-the-art video technology to bring games straight from their studios to the screens of live casino players.

Lightning Roulette Features

Evolution Gaming created Lightning Roulette in order to bring Roulette players a more exciting and modern version of the game. The extra features give Roulette a more up-to-date feel, as well as offering greater payout value to lucky players.

The main feature in Lightning Roulette is the Lightning Round which we have already discussed. The live dealer’s also make you feel like you are playing in a real life casino venue too.

Lightning Roulette RTP and Maximum Payouts

All casino games have a return to player (RTP) which determines the theoretical amount of money you can expect to be returned to you. Lightning Roulette has an RTP of 97.10%, which makes it one of the highest RTP live casino games. This simply means that for every £100 spent on Lightning Roulette, the theoretical return to the players would be £97.10.

There are no casino games which offer an RTP of 100% or above. The casino will always have an edge. The luck factor means that money can be both won and lost on any casino game or online slot game.

Regarding payouts, the maximum potential payout which can be won playing Live Lightning Roulette is 50xx your bet. There are lots of different bets available though. We recommend checking out this TopLiveCasinos guide to Lightning Roulette which explains everything including payouts as well as how to play.

Video Technology

Lightning Roulette is only available due to the incredible advancements in video technology. All games of Lightning Roulette are streamed from Evolution Gaming’s video studio. Lightning Roulette is available to be played 24/7.