Is Crypto a Suitable Payment Option for Poker Games?

Is Crypto a Suitable Payment Option for Poker Games?

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People who use the internet for extended periods are often more comfortable with crypto transactions than regular inline payments. That being the current scenario, the growing scene in the iGaming industry, casino platforms have also grown to include payment options through cryptocurrency.

This recent addition has proved highly beneficial, profit-wise, as it significantly diversifies the customer pool. Here are a few statements to explain why it might be a suitable payment method for your online gambling and casino needs.

Privacy and secrecy

Contradictory to several misbeliefs and taboos, online gambling and crypto transactions are perfectly legal and secure in several states. Though few states might frown upon or consider it illegal, the conditions that approve of them provide a safe and encrypted gambling environment.

The encryption is multiplied with crypto transactions, especially with the added security the BlockChain system provides. Bitcoin and other crypto transactions are preferred for their anonymity, hence allowing users to enjoy their gambling experience without trouble.


The level of safety provided with transactions on the blockchain network is highly protected against threats like phishing and hacking schemes, especially when compared to other modes of payment like a card or online account transactions.

With cryptocurrency being your primary mode of payment, all you need to do is protect your unique security key, and there’s nothing more to worry about.

Quicker payment

Transactions made in terms of cryptocurrency are processed at rates much quicker than the mainstream online payment options like Paypal and cards. Unless there are issues with the block size, etc., Crypto transactions take up to a few hours. On the other hand, bank transfers may require up to five business days. International transfers often take an even longer time.

Lesser hassle

When players opt for payment options with cryptocurrency, they can skip the extended steps involved in registration and verification. In most cases, users can simply start gambling after providing just their usernames.

Also, cryptocurrency being fully optimized and perfected for usage across the internet offers much better access and support when compared to teh conventional modes. Security is also neglected as a concern here, as it has been previously taken care of, and the Blockchain does its job well. This makes crypto an almost perfect solution for all troubles related to online money transfers for your games of live poker.


Though crypto transactions also work based on added charges for handling, their rates are significantly lower than that extracted by bank transfers and card payments. This cut-down benefits both parties, as the users keep a better portion of their winnings, while the website saves credit card fees when customers load up their accounts. The service charges are also much reduced in this case compared to your standard payment methods.


To wrap things up, there are several grounds upon which one can say that cryptocurrency is a much better option for online gambling enthusiasts. The key components to support the statement include the speed, security, and ease of use offered by cryptocurrency, especially in comparison to the conventional modes of online payment.