How You Should Behave When You Hit a Very High Jackpot

How You Should Behave When You Hit a Very High Jackpot

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You are four times more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery. But that is not the point here. It’s about this:
How should you act after you hit a jackpot in an online casino, for example one of the jackpot slots that we recommend in our extensive online casinos list.

Which, by the way, is much more likely than to win the lottery …

Many winners spend all their money. In the end, nothing is left because they waste the money – decimating it for villas, Lambos, bling or through legal action.

We would like that not to happen to you. That’s why we’ve put together these tips.

Should I Get Advice after I’ve Won?

Financial planner Robert Pagliarini recommends that jackpot collectors should build a “financial triad” to plan their financial future. What does he mean?

“Quite simply. Find a lawyer, a tax consultant and a financial advisor. This dream team will help you make smart financial decisions and plan for the future.”

Plus: “They can also protect you from the media and the onslaught of other people’s money requests.”

Speaking of publicity, speaking of the media …

Should I Hide My Huge Jackpot Win?

The protection of personal data is a sensitive issue, especially in the internet age. And not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Legally, the matter is clear:

Jackpot winners have, at least in European (EU) online casinos (see our extensive online casino list), the guaranteed right to stay out of the public eye.

So it depends on what you want. However, we recommend that you do not seek the limelight. Instead, fly underneath the radar, so to speak.

And do not rely on people to keep the secret (because they won’t).

Should I Request to Stay Anonymous After Cracking a Jackpot Slot?

We recommend it. The reason: as soon as the money is in your account, fake friends and petitioners knock on the door. And the phone won’t stop ringing.

If you want to accommodate the online casino, which would like to adorn itself with you on the website: Only allow them to publish your first name.

And insist that your face is pixelated on the photo showing you with the fat winning check. Our advice is: Just be “Tom from Germany” or “Silke from Berlin” and enjoy your life!

What Is the Best Way to Deal With So Much Money?

Don’t rush into luxury right after you’ve hit a jackpot slot. If you change from a Fiat to a Mercedes, you will of course attract attention immediately.

Better get used to the money slowly: First take 10,000 euros to fulfil a fervent wish so that you can see what it’s like. Maybe go on a vacation – and keep calm.

It helps to stay in your familiar social environment. Continue to do your job for the time being. You can always give your boss your notice later.

Does a Jackpot Win Have to be taxed?

No. The prize itself is tax-free. However, anyone who earns interest from the amount invested must pay tax on it. Another reason go hire a tax advisor …

For example, anyone who builds an apartment building from the jackpot win as a capital investment must of course tax the rental income.


If you have found a suitable online casino with the help of our online casinos list and cracked a jackpot slot, do not make a big deal about it; act deliberately; get advice from a lawyer, a tax advisor and a financial advisor.