How to Start Playing Video Games with Your Girlfriend?

How to Start Playing Video Games with Your Girlfriend?

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How to Start Playing Video Games with Your Girlfriend?

If you think about teaching your girlfriend to play video games because you are involved in a quite committed relationship (but not breadcrumbing dating), then you should remember about some important things. Firstly, do not present it as an assignment. Secondly, do not take this venture too seriously. Both of you should just have a good time and not turn the game process into stress. Besides, you shouldn’t try too hard. If all this stuff with games is of greater importance for you than the relationship, then you have big problems. If you yell and lament every time you are killed in the game, your girlfriend will forever turn down this activity. No girl likes when a man flips out and starts blaming her for every failure. Make it a kind of rest and take it easy.

1. Be very patient and don’t freak out if she does something wrong

At first, everything may seem complicated to her, and this is okay. Think about that each time you are going to mouth off to her. This is your beloved person, so pick yourself up and remain patient! Initially, she will not be very good at playing, but you should patiently explain everything once again, starting with the very basics. It’s quite hard to remember a wealth of information at a time.

2. Tell her what the game means to you

If she is a smart girl, she will realize your feelings. When you assure her that video games are one of your hobbies, and you are used to relaxing this way, she will either share your hobby with you or just ignore it. If she realizes that you like to spend your spare time, playing video games, she might start perceiving that as an occasion to be with you, having fun. Therefore, don’t miss a chance to take advantage of it. If your girlfriend believes that games are an interesting pastime not only for geeks, you will get a great company.

3. Troll someone with her

Gamers are specific people who like to troll everyone and everywhere on the Internet, and many girls are afraid that they will not be able to cope with this challenge. Women are more sensitive and often cannot stand up for themselves, especially when they are not aware of the specific nature of the talk. Explain to her that she can meet people who talk different nonsense and like to troll others. She should learn to take it easy. If she becomes a victim of trolling, you should get involved in the conversation and stand up for her. She will surely appreciate your gesture. First, you will come to her aid, and you will not let others laugh at her. Second, she will find out that you can make right. Third, she will cease to worry about nonsense and will start trolling an offender over time.

4. Compliment her during the process and praise when the game is over

Women are more emotive than men, so any negative response can disappoint her. When you praise her, she becomes more self-confident and wants to play with you oftener. And once again, you must be patient. Even if you are constantly cheering her up, one unpleasant situation can negate the efforts. Don’t make fun of her blunders because she may refuse to play anymore. Show her how happy you are that she is sharing your pastime. Let her have the freedom of action, so she will have a strong associational connection: you + video game = having a good time. Do not be limited to one game. You know your beloved girl quite well to suggest her video games to choose from.

5. Do not make her play if she doesn’t want

So, you have managed to blandish her to play several times. However, if she says that she does not want to do that again, don’t insist. Well, you do not want to persuade her and beg or look like an annoying downer, do you? If it is a no, let it be so. She might change her mind over time.