How to Market to Millennials In 2020

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Millennials, also known as generation Y, is considered as the first truly digital generation and are the demographic that every brand across the globe wants to win over. And the reason for this is obvious – they represent a collective buying power of $600 billion every year.

The first trick in gaining the loyalty of millennials involves seeking their attention and, more importantly, maintaining it. This is not an easy task as younger consumers don’t respond much to traditional marketing strategies. So, various innovative measures are needed to win over this demographic of society.

Read on to know more about the best strategies for millennial marketing.

Optimize for mobile and tablet

Almost every millennial owns a smartphone today. A device that they check over 150 times a day! Along with basic texting and making phone calls, millennials use their smartphones to do everything from checking social media apps, browsing websites, and even shopping. As such, you want to make sure that your company’s mobile experience is top-notch.

You can take some inspiration from the iGaming sector that has managed to attract a large portion of millennials with mobile-friendly apps and websites. Free online Blackjack, for instance, can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices, and hence, is played by a majority of young casino fanatics at Swift Casino and other top gambling sites across the globe.

So, it’s important for your business to optimize the landing pages for mobile so that they offer a seamless browsing experience.

Appeal to their values

Finding a company that matches their values is very important for millennials. Even if your products are the best, if your values don’t align, they will not work for you. This is becoming more apparent in regard to issues such as climate change and equality that most millennials consider when shopping online. By appealing to values first, you can connect with a millennial audience that is much more likely to become a repeat customer.
Work with influencers sincerely

Most millennials trust the recommendations by influencers, so forming strong and sincere relationships with the right ones is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean finding influencers with the biggest following and asking them to promote your products. In many cases, working with the right influencers is far better than working with the biggest one. Influencers can easily engage people whose views align with them.

Appeal to instant gratification

We live in the era of instant gratification and most millennials love this. Today, you don’t even need to leave the house to go shopping, get food, watch movies, or have a conversation with your loved ones. So, jumping on this bandwagon is vital to the marketing success of your company.

In previous years, direct interaction with consumers has decreased dramatically. But with emails, private messaging, and commenting, you can connect with consumers to build trust.

Give them all the information you have

When it comes to millennials, there is no such thing as too much information. They aren’t afraid to put a significant amount of time into researching everything before they purchase. So, give them everything they need to know.