How to Make Money in Runescape as a Beginner

How to Make Money in Runescape as a Beginner

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Were you running around doing quests or simply sightseeing and saw some player in cool looking armor with a sword looking like it came straight out of some legend? Did you think “I wish I had something like that” and then checked the Grand Exchange and saw that it costs a ton of gold and you’re only a beginner? Well, then this little guide is just for you!

Getting Started

Gold is the lifeblood of RuneScape and as such, you wish to start accumulating it as soon as possible. One of the best methods for a beginner to do this is to start mining. Go get a mining pick from the vendor in southern Lumbridge and look for veins. The best spot to mine is the mine south of Varrock where you can mine tin and copper, but there are other alternatives, such as south of Lumbridge or Burthorpe. Make sure you get the lodestone teleport while you‘re there, if you don‘t already have one. If mining is not your thing, you can check out for more guides! Furthermore, if you have some money, you can try your luck to make more money at pg slot.

Optimal Mining Method

Since you have 28 inventory slots, you want to mine 28 ores (have pickaxe equipped to keep that 1 extra slot). You can either mine 14 tin and 14 copper ore or you can mine 28 units of one ore in one run and then 28 units of the other ore in another run. Be aware of the situation in the mine and what other players are mining, if you have the whole mine for yourself, choose whichever you prefer. Once you fill your inventory to the brim, bank all the ores and repeat the process. One small tip: in case you run short of energy and can‘t run, use run while with empty inventory and walk when it‘s full. This way you will conserve energy which will in turn allow you to mine more ore and, therefore, earn more gold.

Smelting Your Ore

The next step is to smelt your ore. When you mine 140 units of ore, you can start smelting it into bronze bars. There are two convenient locations for a beginner: Burthorpe and Al Kharid. There is a furnace south of the bank in Burthorpe and in Al Kharid there is one north of the bank. In both cases the proximity of furnace and bank makes these spots perfect for smelting industrial amounts of ore. When smelting ores, you might notice in the smelting interface that due to the price of seperate ores, it might‘ve been wiser to just outright sell them. This is situational and depends on the market, but when smelting ores you‘re getting two birds with one stone – smithing experience and gold.

Crafts to Riches

Done smelting? Good. Now what you need to do is turn those bronze bars into something more useful, i.e. weapons and/or pieces of armor. Pick up your bronze bars and run to an anvil. The best spot for an aspiring smith is the anvil in Varrock, which is both close to the bank and the Grand Exchange. Check the ratio of one bronze bar to gold. You want to be as efficient as possible when making money. There is no point in making an item that is overall more expensive, but requires more ore, hence it becomes uneconomical. You might want to craft different items, but for a different reason. Sometimes, there might simply not be enough demand for the most gold efficient item in the market, at least not if you‘re aiming to get the gold fast. You will start feeling the market after a few sell runs, don‘t worry. If you feel that the process is eating too much of your time or is simply not to your liking, you can opt to buy osrs gold.

Gold to Make More Gold

Now that you have your starting capital you might consider buying bronze bars instead of smelting them yourself. If the market allows for it, do it, just make sure that you‘re not losing precious gold. Otherwise, everything else was discussed in the previous section: rinse and repeat until you can work with iron and up.