How to Make a Bingo Night Fun

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Bingo is a great social activity and can be a great fundraiser. However, the game might become monotonous and lose the fun aspect. To make sure this does not happen, you may want to make a few changes in your traditional bingo night. Here a few different ways to make the game of bingo more fun for your participants.

1. Look for new bingo variants

Not everyone likes to play the same old game. Try adding some twists and turns to your Bingo Night. Mix up how you play, with different styles of games you can keep your players interested. When you go to purchase your bingo cards, look for different variants. Most bingo cards are filled with four vertical, 15 horizontal and 5 diagonal lines to fill in. The first step is to remove all the vertical lines. You can also remove some or all of the horizontal lines. Another variant that can be used is a 3×3 grid game where players must mark off a 3×3 square instead of just trying to get five squares in a row or column. You may also get new variants from free bingo online sites. Another option would be using bingo boards, which many people are familiar with from childhood.

2. Use food to make it more fun

Another way to make your bingo night more fun is by incorporating food into the game. Instead of calling out the numbers, announce a food item that goes with the number you are calling. For example, “24-Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich”, or “27-Orange”. You can also offer prizes other than cash for those who get a bingo during the game. Perhaps you can offer a dinner out at a local restaurant as your prize.

3. Alter your bingo cards

Many people use traditional bingo cards that have 5 rows (horizontal) by 15 columns (vertical). This is boring and not very challenging. Make your game more fun by altering your bingo cards. For example, you can change all of your 5×15 cards to 7×15 cards or to 7×14, or change the intervals from letters to numbers. For example, instead of using A-Z you can use 0-9. By doing this you will make the game much more challenging and interesting for your participants.

You can also alter the cards by making pictures. One of the biggest complaints that people have about bingo is that they can’t identify a lot of the letters on their cards. In order to make your game more fun and challenging for your players, you can use pictures instead of just letters. There are several different ways to do this:

One way is to use images from magazines or clip art in order to make your own personalized bingo cards.

4. Organize a theme party

If you are not planning on making any alterations to your bingo cards, then another way to add excitement is to organize a themed party around the bingo game. This could be any theme that is appropriate for a bingo night, such as a casino night party for example. A good theme can help everyone have fun while allowing them to wear costumes or take part in a few games that go along with the theme.

5. Play different styles of bingo games

There are many different styles of bingo that can be used. Two common styles are regular and coverall. A regular style bingo is when you need to get five numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to win. When the caller calls out a number, each player looks for their card and marks off the number if they have it on their card. A cover-all style bingo is when you need to mark off all of the numbers in a row, column or diagonal line in order to win instead of just getting five in a row or column. If one player gets a bingo in the regular style, then play continues until someone gets a bingo in coverall style.

Many people also play progressive bingo games. In this type of game, the caller has a certain amount of time to call all of his numbers and as they are called, each number will be marked off on everyone’s card at the same time. After all of the numbers have been called, everyone checks their cards for any numbers they have in common and whoever has 5 in a row or column will win.

6. Change the venue of the game, especially where the event is regular

One more way to make your bingo night more fun is to change the venue. Change your location. You can have your bingo night at a local restaurant if you want, or perhaps you would like to get together at a park and play bingo there. The possibilities are endless. The only thing that you must consider when changing venues is making sure that everyone knows where the game is going to be played in advance so they can come and play.

7. Play the game online

If you have never played bingo online before then perhaps this is something that you should consider trying. Playing online bingo can be more challenging with since you will not be able to tell what numbers your opponent has on their cards as easily as if you were playing face-to-face.

8. Add a dinner break instead of having continuous bingo throughout the night

Have you ever noticed that sometimes at church or at the local fire department that they have a long game of bingo that lasts all night? Though this may sound fun, it can be quite tiring. This is why sometimes it might be good to add a dinner break so people can have a chance to relax and talk about whatever is going on in their lives. However, if you do decide to do this, then you will need to make sure that you are playing games for different amounts of money so those who play during the dinner break are not missing out on too much money.

9. Have a prize for everyone

Finally, one of the best ways to liven up your bingo night is by having prizes for everyone, even if they don’t win bingo. For example, giving out small prizes such as mini-candy bars or cheap plastic toys can make everyone feel like they’ve won something.