How To Avoid Acting Like A Noob In Runescape

How To Avoid Acting Like A Noob In Runescape

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How To Avoid Acting Like A Noob In Runescape

The term “Noob” is often used in a demeaning way to refer to someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with a particular activity. Typically, that activity is somehow related to computers, technology, the Internet, or gaming.

Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind when playing Runescape that will keep you from being labeled as a noob by other players.

Begging Or Pleading

One thing you definitely want to avoid is begging or pleading for gold pieces (gp) or other items from players who are more advanced. There is no faster way to irritate or annoy other people. Not only is this technique extremely ineffective but it also can wind up doing more harm than good. No one wants to give items to someone who is begging for them.

Even worse, if you beg or plead, you most likely will cause other players to get irritated with you or to avoid you. That means that they are extremely unlikely to work with you as the game progresses. To avoid this problem, don’t stand around begging other players for help. Even more importantly, don't follow other players through the game trying to get them to give you things. If you want to get gold then look at Food4RS.

Avoid Following Other Players Unless You Are Asked To

Unless someone specifically asks you to follow them somewhere, don’t follow them around. Most players get annoyed when people follow them without their permission. If you are constantly tailing them, bothering them with questions or begging them for help, they will most likely tell you to get lost. If you ask someone a question and they don’t answer right away, they are probably too busy to give you any help. Don’t continue pestering them. Instead, allow them to get on with their game and work on figuring out the solution to your problem on your own.

Avoid Bothering Other People Who Are Playing

If you have a younger sibling, you probably already know how irritating it is to have someone continually follow you around. For an experienced player, that is what it is like to have a noob following them through the game. The last thing anyone wants is to be bombarded by questions or to have someone constantly message them, asking them for information that they should be able to look up on their own. Because of that, you should avoid engaging in this type of behavior.

If you do continually bother someone, you run the risk of making enemies with their clan or guild. Sadly, that means that you most likely will get slaughtered when you go to the backwoods. In this case, it’s not that the other players are out to get you. Instead, it is a direct response to your annoying behavior. To avoid this problem, never pester other players.

Don’t Scam Other Players

Unfortunately, the people who are usually guilty of scamming are players who are more experienced. They take advantage of people who are new to the game, tricking them into paying more than necessary or giving away items that they need. When people are just getting started, they may not know which items are valuable and which ones aren’t as important. Sadly, some experienced players take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge to scam them. Even though most other players frown on this activity, it does occur.

As you get more experienced with the game, never scam other people, no matter how tempting it may seem. Even more importantly, don’t try to scam people when you are new to the game since other players will most likely see right through your ruse, making you look stupid in the process. Charging far too much for an item is a surefire way to get yourself labeled as a noob. Not only that, but trying to take advantage of other players is unscrupulous and is something that should be avoided at all costs.

A much better approach is to always be honest. By being trustworthy, other players will come back to you over and over again. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about someone reporting your account or about coming out looking like an idiot by trying to run an obvious scam.

Don’t Steel Arrows

One of the sleaziest mistakes that noobs make is stealing arrows. If you take part in this activity, you may as well put a target on your back since other players will be gunning for you. There are some instances where it is okay to scavenge. However, outright stealing is never acceptable no matter where you are in the game.

An Overview Of How To Avoid Acting Like A Noob In Runescape

When you are just getting started with Runescape, it can take quite a while for you to build your skills. As you become more experienced, however, your skill set will naturally continue to improve. You need to be willing to put in the time and effort to achieve a higher level within the game. There is a great sense of reward that comes from working your way up from someone who is brand-new to the game to someone who is much more experienced.

If you reach out to another player who is more experienced than you and they ignore you, it is probably because they have had bad experiences with other noobs in the past. Don’t take it personally. Even more importantly, don't become a nuisance. Avoid harassing other players or following them around through the game. This can irritate them, which could result in them or their guild or clan retaliating against you. It is important to be respectful of other players as you move through the game. Remember – they probably have a limited amount of time to play. If they don’t seem interested in helping you, allow them to get on with their game and work on learning whatever it is you need to know on your own.