How the Internet is Being Used During the Pandemic

How the Internet is Being Used During the Pandemic

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Many people in the world are stuck at home. People are turning to the internet to source entertainment. Sources of entertainment, such as cinema halls, are now closed. People are currently seeking other sources of entertainment such as Netflix, and YouTube. People who were fans of the kazino will probably adapt to online casino games.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes such as;

Less use of mobile phones

Smartphones are widely used globally, and many people love them because they are easy to carry. During the pandemic, people are not traveling; hence they opt to use the computer they have at home.

Computers have a big screen so you can enjoy a movie/show on Netflix better than with a phone. It has led to a decrease in the use of phones at a high rate.

The rise in the need to connect using social media platforms

There is an increase in the number of people using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As human beings, people crave to connect with other people, and with the restrictions imposed on gatherings, we adapt to social media to connect.

Video Chat is on the Increase

Before the pandemic, many people were comfortable with messaging as a form of communication because they could see each other at any time.

With the pandemic, there are travel restrictions, and people are advised to stay at home, which has made people desire to do more than just messaging.

People want to see each other hence the increase in the use of Video Chat. Applications such as Google’s video chatting are now being used by many people to connect.

Video games

Major sports events were called off due to Covid-19. People are now turning to video games and online casino games. The closure of casinos has led to a rapid increase in traffic in the online casinos.

Reliance on services that enable working or learning from home

Many people were unaware of services such as Zoom or Google Classroom until the pandemic hit the world. Assignments are now being given through Google Classroom, and meetings held using Zoom.

The use of these services has become the new norm during these hard times of the pandemic. Almost everyone is now using the services that were rarely used in the past.

The reading of local and established newspapers is on the rise

The sites of newspapers that provide regular updates about the pandemic have seen a considerable increase in traffic. People want to be kept updated about the rise in the number of infections and death toll.

Information such as the pandemic’s effect on the business community found in the newspapers also has led to an increase in traffic in the newspaper’s sites.

Bottom Line

The pandemic has caused a rapid increase in the internet as many people are forced to stay at home. Many platforms benefit from these changes because being at home has led to increased use of the internet.