Free Poker Skill Test and Bonus Sites

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In the world of online poker there is a need to find out how far a person’s skill level has progressed. The easiest way to test one’s poker skill and knowledge is to go onto the virtual felt, but that can be costly, especially if the cards don’t fall where they should that day. Luckily there are a few very helpful websites out there that will help players determine their skill level for free.

The Poker School and Poker Tests From Pokerspace

The online poker community like and Pokerspace has put together a very helpful set of free online poker courses to help members learn everything from the basics of no-limit Texas Hold’em to the more difficult tasks of calculating pot odds and bluffing techniques. The Pokerspace poker school is broken up into four different sections from Beginner all the way up to Expert and each section has a number of lessons and more importantly tests too.

There are 20 lessons in all and after every lesson there is a quiz that can be taken to see what each student has learned. After a member has passed each quiz in a level they must pass a test to move onto the next skill level. This forces students to retain the information being presented rather than just giving out a score and moving on. There’s even an incentive to pass the quizzes and tests as members are given PS Points with each passing grade. The Pokerspace virtual currency, PS Points, can be used to get into special tounaments, exclusive freerolls, and even by goods in their points store like poker room cash add-ons. Always keep in mind that all of this is completely free too.

The Free Donkey Test Poker Quiz

In the world of poker no one wants to be called a donkey (a bad or dumb player), but there is a website called and it is an in-depth way to see where a player’s poker skills and knowledge are at. The test is a long process of 52 questions that are tough for the average player. The test does not prep visitors with what type of questions to expect, so be prepared for some very difficult questions.

The questions range from betting situations to proper hand evaluations when put in a certain seat position. The Donkey Test is difficult and can take about an hour to an hour and half to complete, but once the test is complete the site will give visitors a poker IQ. If the test does not produce what was expected try out the Pokerspace courses to see the difference and learn from the strategy lessons.

No matter which poker test a player takes remember that poker is a game that is constantly evolving and changing, so continuous poker education is very important to a players success. Pokerspace and are two strong ways to test one’s poker skill, but a test should not be the end, it should be the beginning.

Top Online Poker Bonus Sites With Instant Free Deals

When it comes to the best online poker bonus websites out there today the thing to remember is the idea of residual poker bonuses. There are a hundred great online poker bonus sites floating around the Internet, but the best ones hand out real additional benefits at the least amount of work. The theme of any poker player’s game should be continued earnings, not the idea of a quick cash and then leaving. Therefore the theme of poker bonus sites should not be any different.

Free Poker Bankroll Sites and Continued Bonuses

There is a growing trend in the online poker industry for poker rooms to use affiliate sites to offer free poker money deals to potential new players. A few examples of free bankroll sites are Pokerspace and YourPokerCash. Pokerspace offers a variety of bankroll deals and is a diverse poker social network, while YourPokerCash focuses on just the free bankroll side.

With Pokerspace free poker money deals members continue to earn special poker points as they play for real money called PS Points that can be exchanged for free tournament entries for private tournaments and even cash add-ons to various poker rooms. YourPokerCash also has continued benefits in the form of monthly freeroll tournaments worth thousands of dollars. Pokerspace also hosts these types of tournaments as well, which definitely helps create a “bonus” environment.

Be aware that certain free bankroll sites limit the countries that are eligible for the free poker money deal, and no matter what remember that these deals are real and not scams. The money is 100% real and never trust a site that requires its members to give out any type of bank information before the money is transferred. Pokerspace and YourPokerCash do not require this.

Instant Deposit Bonuses vs. Regular Deposit Bonuses

For players looking to deposit money and get something instantly in return look for instant deposit bonus deals. All poker rooms from the biggest to the smallest offer regular deposit bonuses that require the player to play for real money as the bonus is released. If a player plays at the lowest stakes and only in tournaments, these types of bonuses could take a very long time to be released.

With instant deposit bonuses, select poker rooms will add a certain amount of money to the player account once a set amount of money has been deposit onto the room. These are truly wonderful bonuses, but do not expect them to be for the biggest rooms like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

PartyPoker is probably a player’s best bet if they don’t already have an account there. They hand out a nice $25 extra with a deposit of $50. Another excellent suggestion is 888poker. These are the two largest rooms that offer standard instant deposit bonuses. For a list of other instant deposit bonuses try the site Casinator, which houses some diverse deals to a lot of rooms but don’t expect a lot of U.S. friendly rooms.

Always remember that online poker is a growth industry looking to isolate players and keep them on a particular room. There are literally hundreds of online poker rooms in the world with more being added every year and many will do whatever it takes to get new high value players on their room, so expect more bonuses then any player could ever play through. Be wise in selecting a deal and go with it, and make sure there are also residual benefits if possible.