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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Flip by Bot Games is a fast paced bike action where players flip it to avoid obstacles while collecting fuel and speed.

Fast paced bike is on a run flip it to avoid the hurdle to cover up longest distance. It is an addictive game for the casual user. Different colors add new level of excitement in it.

This bike race game is for the casual gamer with a never ending format one had to maintain his fuel for a longer travel. This game provide you a whole new environment of bike race with a glimpse of next generation bike racing.

Control: 1. Click on the bottom half of the screen for the bike to flip

Flip is an endless racing game where players need to avoid obstacles by flipping up and down.

Your bike will slow down through time and much like any bike, it will consume fuel as it moves. Pick up speed power up to double your speed up to 300km/h. During this speed power up, your bike will run seriouslyfast that undivided attention is required to keep yourself alive. Keep in mind that you burn fuel much faster at this speed. Be sure to pick up fuel power up to replenish your gas.

The game will be over if you hit an obstacle or the fuel has ran out.

Overall, Flip is fun. However, it lacks enough gameplay variety to keep players to keep coming back for more. Upgradeable and unlockable bikes might be something that the developer can look into for future development of the game.