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Arcade Promoted Collection WebGL

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Deflect! by DigiJam Studios is a game where all you have to do is to get the pellets into the containers! Train your reaction speed! Are you a slow poke or do you have lightning fast reaction?

Looking for a fun to play and challenging game? Well get challenged with DEFLECT!

Features: (note that some of the features are not available on the web demo)

  • DEFLECT the pellets into the containers!
  • FUN, simple but hard to master!
  • Challenge yourself with two different game modes: Classic and Time Trials! (more to come in the future)
  • Simple and colorful graphics with an additional night/neon skin!
  • Brag to your friends about your scores with Facebook integration!

Prove to yourself that you can DEFLECT it!

The idea of Deflect is simple. You are to draw lines to bounce and guide the flying box to the container with the same color. Yes.. yes... it sounds very simple and reminds you of breakout and pong game except that you are drawing the paddle all over the screen frantically to make sure the box does not go out of screen.

With only one box to worry about, the game starts easy to introduce you with the game mechanics. Once you score enough points, there are multiple boxes that you need to take care of at once. This will make the game less tolerant of mistakes and you will start frantically drawing lines.

Overall, despite the minimalist loook, Deflect! manages to keep the game fun and enjoyable. However, towards the latter levels, it can get frustratingly difficult. Regardless, Deflect! is a game that definitely worth a try.

Note: Deflect! is developed by a single person who is only 13 years of age. Read the developer Q&A at GMReviews.