Creepy Buster

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Arcade Halloween Promoted Collection Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Creepy Buster by Overtime Studios is an AWESOME Endless Action game were the player must dodge while destroy hordes of CREEPY aliens to achieve the best score possible!

Bust as many creepies as you can to gain PLASMA ORBS that you can use to UPGRADE your battle skills - Do more damage, expand your PLASMA range and even unlock additional SPECIAL RAYS to bust even more creepies at once!

Beware the Meteormite, Legiworm and Psyquor! The mightiest of creepies! Battle them in EPIC and challeging boss battles that can unlock even greater rewards and PLASMA ORBS!

Features (some of these features are online available in the full app version):

  • Endless Action Dodge and Destroy gameplay that is fun, challeging but easy to play.
  • Epic Boss Battles
  • Skills Upgrades
  • In game items and power-ups
  • Awesome Achievements to unlock!
  • Online ranking & Leaderboards
  • Game & Battle stats to keep track of your progress!
  • Tons of creepy enemies to destroy and unlock at creepypedia.

Creepy Buster surely show a strong first impression with its flashy and colorful graphics. The core gameplay is simple. Think your finger as the spaceship. You are to both destroy the monsters and avoid them at the same time by running around the entire screen. The catch is that you have to be close enough to launch your plasma attack to destroy the monsters. But, at the same time, if you are too close to the monsters, you will get hit and eventually dies.

Initially, the monsters are as tame as your pet cats. However, there are plenty of other monsters who will follow you around to destroy you. Then, there come the bosses which poses a serious threat to you. The good news is that you are upgradeable. You can increase your attack damage, increase range, etc.

The only main thing that I notice is that the hit detection between your mouse cursor and the monster is a bit too sensitive. Sometimes when I thought I do not hit the monsters, I do. This can be a little frustrating for some players. In order to prevent this, I tend to play it safe and look for big gaps to escape to ensure safety.

Overall, the gameplay is easy and appealing enough. The artwork is beautiful. Playing on mobile would definitely be less taxing as you only need to press lightly on a tap screen compared to holding down the mouse button. Finally, it would be nice if the monsters have a hit point gauge though.

Creepy Buster