Complete Casino Strategy Guide for Beginners [For Bitcoin Casino]

Complete Casino Strategy Guide for Beginners [For Bitcoin Casino]

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Complete Casino Strategy Guide for Beginners: For Bitcoin Casino

Are you just starting with online casinos and finding yourself lost in the maze? We have all been there. In fact, learning the ropes of a casino is not an easy deal to begin with, but not impossible though.

There is no end to the rules and strategies associated with gambling at casinos, and the rules may even change in the future. In any case, you can stay updated regularly by keeping tabs of the changes in the industry.

With that being said, here is a complete casino strategy guide for beginners who are struggling to find a foothold in the gambling world.

Get Familiar with the Rules

Each casino has its own rules when it comes to gaming, bonuses, and wagering. As a beginner, it is important that you don’t assume all casinos operate the same way. Even the bonuses they offer are different, which you will be able to see clearly on the homepage.

Look through the terms of the best bitcoin online casino even if it is daunting. It is especially necessary for bonuses, wagering requirements, deposits, and withdrawals.

Don’t be surprised if the payment methods that are accepted in one casino is not accepted in another, even though they are both regulated by the same gambling authority of Curacao!

Play Games with Low House Edge

We are back to the topic of house edge again. Games with a low house edge will let you win more than those with a higher house edge. Therefore, as a novice, to retain your self-esteem, choose your games wisely.

Typically, the easiest games to win are video poker, craps, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and slots. Select slots with a Return to Player (RTP) of 94% and above to win more. To give you an idea, the RTP ensures that for every $100 you deposit, you receive $94 in return!

Here is a list of games with a low house edge that will help you initiate into the online gambling world safely:

Games House Edge
Video Poker 0.5% to 5%
Craps 1.4% to 5%
Baccarat 1.5%
Blackjack (single deck) 1.5%
Poker (3 cards) 1.5%
Slots 2% to 10%
Roulette (European and French) 2.5%

Budget the Deposits for Minimum Loss

A misperception exists that gambling can become a source of income. But this is not true. Gambling can become a great source of entertainment for both beginners and loyal gamblers.

Accordingly, before you log into your favourite bitcoin online casino site, make a budget of how much you are willing to spend. Don’t get caught up in a losing streak hoping to hit jackpot all of a sudden!

If you are one of those people who struggle with boundaries, set aside some cash (with a prepaid card like Neosurf) that you will spend on the casino for the day. With Neosurf, you can keep your expenses in check, because to get more cash, you have to buy more cards from the website or a local store.

Make Capital Out of Bonuses

The rewards offered by a casino bitcoin online exist for a reason. The players should make the most of the resources provided to them!

Browse through different casinos and check the type of welcome bonuses they are offering. As a beginner, you have the advantage here over older players.

Casinos that are offering a large welcome bonus, like $25,000, are already confident that they will earn more from new and loyal players.

Now, select a few casinos that are offering a welcome bonus of $25,000. Spread the game across a few casinos, let’s say, 10 casinos, and register in all 10 of them. Then, you increase your chance of winning even if you lose in 5!

Besides, target casinos that are promising a large welcome bonus, because you are eligible for it just by signing up. Be prepared to deposit some money to withdraw the winnings though.
Regardless, welcome bonuses can change, so make the most of the opportunity that you have!

However, there are restrictions imposed by an online casino bitcoin regarding registration. You can only signup with one email ID, home address, phone number, and IP address. If you are thinking about somehow bypassing it with a VPN, the casino may even block your account!

Know When to Quit

Knowing when to quit is a skill not only applicable to online gambling. However, it is a useful prowess to have up your sleeve! Many gamblers suffer from gambling addiction, which is quite severe when you think about the financial burden associated with it!

In saying so, you can gamble from time to time, just for fun, but not to get away from the misery of life. For that reason, self-restraint must be mastered from your end.

The best strategy is to stop playing when your circumstance starts to go down the hill. Don’t wait for a miracle to suddenly bring you back all the money you lost. Just quit, and take a break.

Contrarily, if you are on a winning streak, you may end up losing all your wins suddenly. To avoid this scenario, once you won 50% of your wager, stop playing, and withdraw the money straight to your bank account.

Practice this method repeatedly, and you will have built up small savings just from playing at a casino!

Ready to Play at the Best Online Casino That Accepts Bitcoin?

In summary, get familiar with the rules of the casino you chose before signing up to play any game. The terms and conditions of each casino differ from one another, so read the wagering requirements, bonus claims, deposits, and withdrawals beforehand.

Furthermore, start playing with a small budget and play games with a low house edge. Also, utilize self-control while you are gambling by quitting at the right time. That’s it for the complete casino strategy guide for beginners!