Come Home Space Carrot Bunny

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Come Home Space Carrot Bunny by Nemoris Games is an endless arcade game based on trajectory and physics to move from planets to planets to save your comrade.

Get ready and charge your carrot rocket because there's a very important mission for you captain.

You are in charge of our finest equipment in the race for space exploration: The Space Carrot Rocket. You are not the first in this dangerous route, in fact, your top secret mission is to rescue the previous captains from failed missions that have been lost in the path for endless exploration.

Now it's time to explore those planets and rescue our friends, captain. Do not let us down, as a princess once said: Help us! you're our only hope!


  • The space is a forever-changing enviroment
  • Observe the orbits of the planets to make a perfect landing
  • There's a lot of bunnies to rescue!
  • Endless Thrilling-action mode!

Come Home Space Carrot Bunny brings me to a game where I need to save my fellow bunny comrades by launching rocket from planets to planets. Before you play the game, you will notice that the game features one of the brightest and cutest graphic style and environment that easily attracts gamers.

The gameplay, on the other hand, relies heavily on physics. As the trajectory is fixed, you will only need to worry about how much thrust you put on the rocket. You probably will not get a hang of it after the first tutorial. Much like Angry Birds, it will need some practice to get a feel of the thrust to the rocket that you will get.

My biggest complain, however, is the fact that the thrust meter doesn't allow you to make mistakes. If you overshoot your thrust and let it launch at the max level, you can only pray that it will land on a planet. I wish that the meter will move back and forth until players release it.

Overall, Come Home Space Carrot Bunnies, with polished graphics and smooth gameplay, is one of the more solid game of its genre.

Come Home Space Carrot Bunny