Change of Venue: Top Places to Study on & off Campus

Change of Venue: Top Places to Study on & off Campus

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The key to having a productive day or night in college is finding a comfortable place on campus that will enable you to get your homework assignment done within the set deadline. The great news is that there are tons of spots out there to enjoy on your own or with friends, depending on how overloaded you are at the moment. If you decide to start studying for the test or writing an essay, and you feel like you can’t focus where you are now, ensure to try some of the locations described below.

The Library

The good old library provides you with several different parts to do work, depending on what kind of night or day it is. Most students find the first floor the most comfortable, but the truth is you’re not going to get too much done there. Many students come in and meet with the study group on this floor. The so-called “social” floor, i.e., the second one, is a great location to cope with your homework with friends. Finally, the third floor is a perfect spot for those who are slammed with home assignments.

Coffee Shops

Dealing with your essays, test preparations, reports, and readings in a coffee shop is always a good idea. You can choose the most comfortable table with a view, and because you’re surrounded by people all the time, you’re going to feel the kind of “pressure” needed to remain productive. What is more, there is always coffee and doughnuts to keep you going for an hour or two, or more!

Classrooms in College Buildings

The majority of students tend to forget that classrooms in academic buildings are open at night. Whether you need to get ready for the seminar, or you need a quiet place to accomplish your term paper or book report, make sure to use empty classrooms to stay productive 24/7.

Food Court

Does your campus area have a food court? If yes, ensure to check one during off-peak hours. The point here is that the spot is pretty deserted, and you will find a lot of table space out there. Thus, the campus food court is a nice location when it’s time to work on your group projects.

A Pal’s House (or Dorm)

If you’re lucky to have a study buddy, then you’re not going to have problems when it comes to keeping your motivation up. Pack all study essentials needed to stay on track for a certain amount of time and then don’t forget to celebrate together when the toughest assignments are done successfully. Together, you’ll find it easier to prepare for the exams, to choose sites to buy custom essays online, etc. Don’t forget to prepare snacks to share when especially stressful moments come.

Outdoor Areas

When spring finally comes, and the weather is nice, writing your essays or reading somewhere out on a lawn can a great way to refresh your mind, get some fresh air, and still handle some important home assignments. If you don’t like the idea of running into your classmates, make sure to settle in the part of campus that neither you nor your friends visit.

Laundry Room

If it’s time to do some laundry, why not to combine washing your clothes with some studying while you wait. While it may sound a bit weird, many students admit that the noise from the washing machines can be pretty soothing, letting you focus on the materials.

Other Places

Do not relegate yourself to the campus library or your dorm. Instead, make sure to get out and check your options. You’re going to be surprised at how many hidden spots are waiting for you on and off campus! When the launch hours are over, you have an opportunity to camp out in the dining hall. Take your favorite snack and enjoy free large table that is usually overcrowded during meals.

How about heading to larger venues that are not in use? Typically, large music halls or theaters are not in use all the time. Check some of these areas for inspiration and quiet time at the location that will help you have peace of mind without any distraction. Just think about it – reading Goethe or Shakespeare in silence in an empty theater may be just like a scene from a romantic movie. This will certainly get you into your assignment!

No matter what type of study environment you’re looking for, chances are some great spaces are awaiting you on or off campus. It’s time to go exploring the area and find it.
Good luck with finding your special place!