Can You Make Real Money Playing Games Online?

Can You Make Real Money Playing Games Online?

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When you think about earning money online, gaming is probably the last thing that would come to your mind.

Sure, playing games can earn you money through YouTube, Twitch, or strategy blogs. But to do that, you have to do a lot of heavy lifting while competing with millions of other bloggers, streamers, and gamers.

But what if we tell you that you can make real money just by playing games online?

Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what we will explore today. Let’s find out if you can make money playing games online or if it’s just a hoax.

Do Online Games Really Pay You Money?

Yes, of course. Many people all over the globe are earning money playing games online right now as you’re reading this.

And you can do it too.

No, we are not talking about making money from sponsors by live-streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch. We are not even talking about earning money from the gaming tournaments that would require you to be a pro gamer just to participate in them.

Many websites and platforms, such as, Swagbucks, or Solitaire Cube, allow you to play the games that interest you and make money.

What Kind of Games Would You Be Playing to Earn Money?

The most common games these online gaming platforms offer are:

  • Word games
  • Casino games
  • Lottery games
  • Slot games
  • Card games
  • Arcade games
  • Fishing games

Some platforms might also offer fighting, strategy, and sports games. However, they are not that common or popular among online players who are making a substantial amount of money.

The key to actually earning real money is to choose the right online gaming platform or app.

Quite a few of these platforms may give you tokens or virtual points that can only be redeemed as shopping vouchers or other store-specific gift cards. Sure, it’s good to have an extra Amazon shopping voucher in your pocket.

But that’s not real money.

So, before you start playing games online to make money, read the platform’s policies. You must check if it actually offers the option to redeem your winnings as real cash in your bank account.

The Steps to Earn Money Playing Games Online

Signing up for these online gaming platforms, playing games, and earning rewards and money is an easy process. You just need to follow the steps we have mentioned below:

Sign Up for a Gaming Platform That Pays Real Money to Play Games

The first step is to sign up for a platform that pays you real money to play games online. The sign-up process usually involves providing your phone number, entering your password of choice, and verifying your identity through OTP.

Don’t forget to read the policy of the site and check if they provide the option to redeem your rewards in cash to your bank account.

Choose a Game That You Are Confident In Playing Well

Once you get into the platform, it’s time to select a game that you’re confident in. For example, if you’re good at casino games and enjoy them, it’s better to start with them.

Play, Win, and Earn Money + Other Rewards

Some websites offer you money or other rewards just for playing online games on their platforms. However, the reward you will earn per hour is quite low.

Meanwhile, the others will offer money as a reward for winning the games against similar groups of participants. It usually involves games like lottery, poker, wordplay, etc.

If you don’t want money, you can redeem your reward as gift cards or vouchers.

Refer Friends and Others to Earn Even More Rewards

Many online gaming platforms have referral programs that would allow you to earn additional rewards and money.

For example, can generate an invitation code or link for you. If other people come to the platform using your invitation code or link and earn money, you will get a fixed percentage of their winnings as a reward for inviting them.

Other online gaming platforms also offer similar referral programs. In short, the more people you invite, the more rewards you earn.


Our verdict – you can definitely make real money playing games online. However, to do that, you need to:

  • Choose a gaming platform that provides real cash as a reward.
  • Play the games you’re confident in winning.

You can also refer your friends and other people to the platform to earn more rewards or money from their participation.

This way, you can earn money even while enjoying games.