Bingo and Casino – A Popular Combo

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Many online bingo players are also keen to try their luck at the casino. No wonder most bingo operators now offer various casino games in order to entertain their visitors. Examples of websites that has successfully merged the bingo and casino experience is that was initially a hangout for bingo players but now also catering to the growing number of combo players.

Play bingo with a side game

The first task for a bingo player when picking an exciting side game may be to focus on what kind of online bingo you are playing. This is important, as each game model has varying levels of difficulty. You should not play a distracting casino game at the same time if you need to manually mark your bingo card.

Bingo variants

There is a variant for all types of players. The simplest forms of play are those that include straight lines, regardless of direction, that is, horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. The most traditional form of bingo is “Cover-all”. It is the one offered at most bingo casino online. Just like the name suggests, this variant means that you have to fill the entire bingo card to win.

Real money attracts players

Bingo is an entertaining lottery game that you can play on your mobile device with friends, at organized events or at the local bingo hall. But while you can win non-cash prizes in private rounds or, for example, at charity events, real money lures in the casino.

How to choose the best bingo site that also offers casino?

When you choose to play bingo online, it works in the same way as when you play regular bingo. In other words, the number that is called out is drawn one by one. At an online bingo casino, however, no real person does this, but it is done virtually with the help of a random number generator. The players, who vary in number, have a bingo card that they fill in when the numbers are called out. In online casino bingo you can often choose if you want to mark the numbers yourself or if you want them to be marked automatically. The first player to get the required pattern is the one who wins.

There are a few different variations of bingo online casino. In one part, you win by a whole line. In others, a whole tray is required. In still others, you win with a certain pattern. This is therefore most often called pattern bingo. If you wish, you can play with one or more tiles at the same time.

Why bingo still is so popular

Whether you’ve played with your friends in a bingo hall, or tried bingo online, you’ve probably played bingo at some point in the past. The game is popular because it’s so easy to play – and many players love the thrill of waiting for the next ball and being the first to shout “Bingo!”.

If you feel the urge to play online, there are a variety of free bingo games you can play on You might be surprised how many extra features the online games have, and how entertaining it can actually be to play for fun.