A Comprehensive Review of Aussie Rules Hero

A Comprehensive Review of Aussie Rules Hero

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Aussie Rules Hero is a game we all wish could have been developed earlier due to its incredible retro features that simulate the exciting Australian Rules Football with its 8-bit arcade design. The continuous goal-kicking interphase has different levels, all of which are compatible with iOS.

Avid football fans fantasize about playing an active role in the game. The Aussie Rules Hero gives you a chance to transform into a hero in your team’s hour of need. Picture your winning goal curving past the 50-meter arc as the final whistle goes off to give you a dramatic last-minute win. What a thrill!

It’s no wonder Australian Football has its own app. It’s among the most popular sports/events in Australia, attracts a high number of visitors, and Aussie football is of course also the main focus when it comes to Australian sports betting. The Aussie Rules Hero definitely takes your gaming experience a notch higher by giving you first-hand involvement in this adrenaline-pumping sport.

Getting Started As a Beginner

The game is designed with three difficulty levels, thus making it versatile for all age groups.

You kick by tapping any point of the screen and perfect your aim by focusing on the moving target located behind the goal post. The direction, time countdown and wind speed determines the precision of your kick. You win points by kicking a maximum number of balls through the two posts which will total to six points. From this, you can tell that the game is both user-friendly and challenging enough to capture your full attention.

Pointers for Playing Aussie Rules Hero
Do not wait for your kicked footy to cross the net for you to kick again. Go crazy by all means! Kick continuously to win maximum points.

You have to watch out for wind speed and direction as they change after every kick. The direction of the wind blows from right or left while the wind speed ranges from 0 to 15. Note the current wind reading and kick your ball accordingly.

Important Game Features

  • Aussie Rules Hero comes with a practice mode
  • Free for iOS
  • A player can listen to their music playlists as they play
  • Very realistic ball dynamics
  • No ads after scoring a goal
  • 20 to 100 m kicking range with ten different kicking points
  • Up to 17 game modes
  • Up to 85 unlockable game characters, both male and female
  • Three custom levels
  • Designed with a duck mode
  • Characters can be customized
  • Gameplay in portrait
  • Excellent leader board to record your progress

What To Expect in The Different Difficulty Levels

The first level is designed for kids hence no out in the full function and no wind to disrupt your kicked footy. The second level is the junior, where a player slowly gets introduced to different wind levels. No out in the full function for this level as well. The third and final level is senior, where the game ends when a player is out of the full, and every kicked footy comes with some wind variance.

The unique Aussie Rules Hero guarantees fun and gives you a chance to be a hero among your friends or a popular international gamer.

Technical Aspects of Aussie Rules Hero

The game fits in the Arcade subcategory in free software apps found under Games and Entertainment in the Apple AppStore. The program is continuously upgraded with its latest update in March 2020.

Its latest version is the Aussie Rules Hero V.6, which has a capacity of 41.94 MB.

Our Verdict

Aussie Rules Hero is a five-star game based on how realistically it is designed as well as its user-friendliness to a wide range of gamers. Its developers have expressed consistency in updating its key features hence it is an app that you will not bore you soon after installing.

Its latest update features a “SCORE ATTACK” mode based on requests from customer feedback. This lets you participate in a premiership where you work your way up the table against other teams. Create every season according to the current AFL ladder and simulate your very own outcome of the league.

This is indeed a game worth trying!