8 Brain Workout Games Everybody Must Try

8 Brain Workout Games Everybody Must Try

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Thanks to technological advancement in the 21st century, we reside in a world where most of us have access to a smartphone and a laptop. Whenever you want to play a game, you can easily download an application in these devices. Similarly, you can engage in today many online games nowadays. Brain workout games are beneficial because they help to improve our brain performance by providing a variety of problems to solve. They can help you to sharpen your mind. One thing that most people fail to understand is that brain workout games must not necessarily be the ones on our phones and computers. You can also engage in other games that involve your surroundings.

You Can Engage In The Following Brain Workout Games:

1. Brain Café

Brain café is a unique game that helps you to learn about geography and earth. When playing the game, you review various questions and learn about the formation of the planet. Moreover, the game provides stunning images to help you understand the content better. The purpose of the game is to make you more interactive and not reflective.

2. Lumosity

Lumosity is a smartphone game offered free in the Android Play Store and iOS. It involves a series of cognitive games specifically created to stimulate your brain and improve your working memory. Lumosity helps you to solve the task at hand as well as pay attention to things. It is the best brain workout software and can you can use on your phone or laptop. The good thing about Luminosity is that it works to know you, and this implies that you choose what you want to work on.

3. Observation Brain Workout

This game involves memorizing at least four details of the people that you meet in public. For example, you can note that someone has a golden ring, a red hat, blonde hair, and wearing a blue sweater. The objective of this game is to observe these details and then recall them later. Such brain exercises belong to the “passive memory training” whereby you improve your ability to remember. The game is vital because most of us do not teach our minds to observe in detail. You can begin today by observing just one person. It is worth noting that observation is an excellent social skill.

4. Happify

Happify is an application that helps you to remain positive. Happy people are more likely to be productive, healthy, and recall crucial information. However, most of us choose to allow negative things to dominate our lives. Happify offers significant changes in your thinking and is cheaper than therapy. If you want to think and act positively, try this app.

5. Dakim

Dakim is a brain workout program that provides users with different puzzles and games to train their brains. When playing Dakim, you can access more than hundreds of brain workout exercises that will help to improve your concentration and attention. Dakim also aims at sharpening language abilities and memory.

6. Fit Brains Trainer

When you play this game, you improve the speed of your brain, focus, and memory. The game gives you access to 360 puzzles and other game options. It is also challenging in that you begin with easy games as the level of difficulty increases. It will help you to test your brain by aspiring to reach difficulty levels and finding pleasure when you keep moving forward. The good thing is that it is free in both the Apple store and Google Play.

7. Crosswords

According to Wikipedia, crosswords are word puzzles that come in the form of a rectangle or square grid with black and white shaded squares. The purpose of crosswords is for the users to feel the white boxes with phrases or words formed based on given clues. A 2015 study reports that you can enhance your cognitive abilities by training your brain using crossword puzzles. The brain is an organ that requires constant training to remain sharp and retain memory. You can play crosswords from the crossword 911 website, which offers a range of crosswords with clues to challenge your mind.

8. Power Vocab

Power Vocab application is suitable for any person, be it teenager or adult, who wishes to improve their vocabulary. The app has more than 4000 challenging words contained in various games. As you learn your words, the app also adapts by teaching your more difficult words. Interestingly, it has a distinct feature that helps you learn how to pronounce words. It is very reliable for auditory learners and anyone that wants to increase their vocabulary base. You should try this app today if you want to learn more words and improve your social skills.


The brain is a unique organ that you can tame. If you engage in brain training games, you can increase the ability of your mind to concentrate or solve problems. There are many available games on our phones and online. However, be careful not to be a game addict to the extent that it hinders you from performing your daily routine.

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