7 Rousing Games that every Fire TV Streaming Device lets you play

7 Rousing Games that every Fire TV Streaming Device lets you play

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Let’s be honest about something before we move any further into this discussion. Personally, I do not vouch for streaming devices when it comes to playing games. Not unless I choose to review the NVIDIA Shield Pro

But then, if you are into playing games for fun and not in a professional capacity, Fire TV devices can be handy enough, provided you know how to use them for running games.

Also, a Fire TV streamer allows you to play most titles conforming to the Android ecosystem, despite the restricted storage support. Not to mention the enviable ability of these Amazon-backed streaming devices to sideload emulators for managing the controllers virtually.

But then, if side-loading seems like a new concept to you, Firestick Tricks made it easy by detailing the steps to use a Fire TV device efficiently, either for streaming or gaming. Regardless, before I start talking about the most impressive Fire TV games to play, you need to know that a Fire TV Stick comes with a voice-controlled remote, which can help you identify and run games, hands-free.

Best Fire TV Games to Play

1. Sonic CD

Playing Sonic CD on your Fire TV can be a highly rewarding experience as it performs and renders the best in the 16:9, widescreen format. Plus, once you add the controllers, either in the wired format or via Bluetooth, it becomes easier to get the most out of the Sonic CD.

This exhilarating game is paced perfectly for the TV viewing audience. Plus the graphics rendering doesn’t require top-rated hardware and you can keep scaling levels, sans lags.

However, the soundtrack isn’t the most consistent one but it is only a small trade-off to make to experience such an inventive game at close to 1080p resolution.

2. SNES9x

If you want to experience the entire Super Nintendo gaming consortium whilst side-loading ROMs as they come, then the SNES9x is the perfect option to consider. However, if you are using a Fire TV Stick or any other relevant streamer for that matter, you should first sideload the SNES emulator before being able to play the concerned game.
However, you should account for the frequent slowdowns and quality bumps that are usually experienced by Fire TV users. Also, if you have the original Fire TV streamer by your side, this app also allows you to sideload ROMs via the android debug bridge, provided you own the original copy of the title.

3. Stunt Extreme

Here is a game that jogs you back to the memory lane with Rendered Ideas envisioning the title for the Android and iOS ecosystem. As an original mobile-specific game, Stunt Extreme is exceedingly fast, snappy, and comes with a smaller learning curve. Also, unlike some of the other games on the list, the character animations and level designs are far more vibrant as compared to any other game that you wish to play on Fire TV.

Coming to the essence, Stunt Extreme requires you to race the BMX bike and scale beyond the AI opponents. But that’s merely the tip of the iceberg as you need to perform zany stunts for trouncing the roadblocks and scoring additional points.

But then, if you are playing this game on the Fire TV Stick, the Alexa remote might not be the most responsive controller around. Plus, you also need to be wary of the numerous in-app purchases, while sifting through the Survival and the Career mode.

Lastly, this game allows you to connect with friends over Facebook and boast about the spoils and scores.

4. Crazy Taxi

Here is an immersive arcade game that has been dumbed down to fit into the Fire TV interface. Still, the game-playing experiences are top-notch, allowing you to barrel through the traffic, collect fares on the way, and earn some well-deserved points on driving like a maniac.

Crazy Taxi allows you to enliven the craziest of dreams that you can have related to an Uber drive. Plus, the additive game-playing interface is at par with the original version. Not to mention the extra modes and levels that Dreamcast has added to make the experience way more rewarding for a first-time player.

But then, my only gripe here is the outdated graphics, which kind of bothers me more than the expulsion of the original soundtrack.

5. Bowling Challenge from PBA

If you are a fan of bowling, this has to be the ‘Game’ to sideload. Originally envisioned by Concrete Software, the PBA team-up has been the much-awaited innovation that bowling fans were seeking. The new and improved game now comes loaded with truckloads of equipment choices, lanes, and competitors.

Plus, the interface is as intuitive as it can get and you can directly compete with the likes of Walter Ray, Mike Fagan, and more, whilst making use of the Split and Bomb balls, along the way.

6. Tetris Online

No, I am not talking about the version that was launched way back in 1984. Instead, the Fire TV devices can accommodate the new Tetris Online that includes three dedicated versions, including Ultra, Spring, and Marathon. Plus, you also get access to a universal leaderboard and a simple set of controllers.

However, this isn’t exactly a free game to play as the trial expires the moment you reach 10 rows. Plus, despite the interactive UI, there are still quite a few aspects that Tetris Online needs to work on.

7. Badland

The last game on the list can get frustratingly difficult to play at times, thereby questioning your willingness to stick with the Fire TV devices. However, if you like a good challenge, the creativity of this game is expected to keep you hooked for a long.

Launched and curated by Frogmind Games, the Badland is all about the atmosphere that it builds whilst riding on the side-scrolling interface. Not to mention the availability of different game-playing options, which include versus, single-payer, and even the Co-Op mode.

Most importantly, Badland is free to use and even comes with a dedicated level editor for you to set your own difficulty level and share the same with the Badland community.

Each of the mentioned games can be played on any given Fire TV device. However, you are better off side-loading them on the Fire TV Stick as you will then have the access to these games even while traveling. Also, I would recommend a premium VPN, if you plan on downloading and installing the game from a third-party resource.