5 Tips on How to Make Your Writing Process Feel Like a Game

5 Tips on How to Make Your Writing Process Feel Like a Game

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Writing is a wonderful endeavor, but it can be torturing at the same time. Sometimes writing can be an extremely boring task, even for a passionate writer. However, if you can strategically turn the process of writing into something like a game, you will enjoy it. In this post, we are going to offer some ideas.

1. Vikings, monsters, battles and ninjas!

There are apps that help users develop productivity habits. Habitica is such an app. By helping you set precise goals, such as writing for two hours at a stretch, the app turns writing into a game. Here writing is your challenge, and you can imagine it as a monster. Your goal is to kill the monster i.e. meet the challenge.

This approach may look childish, but it works. Try this technique if you want to fight procrastination and develop productivity habits. Most people feel guilty for playing video games. But this challenging game will not make you feel guilty.

2. What about one word at a time?

Writers know that words can cause distraction at times. When you are working on an essay, you might think about the previous sentences too much. You may try to fix them, and this tendency can affect your flow.

Now we will offer you a game-like technique that will prevent you from thinking too much about the previous words and sentences. Just look at one word at a time. This might be hard if you are using a typical word document editor. So, we recommend using a tool with only the necessary icons and buttons. Ilys is such a tool.

It shows one word at a time, and the word appears huge. With this tool you cannot make edits. The goal is to help you focus and reach the word count.

However, even this strategy may not be effective for a student who needs to write an academic paper with a tight deadline. These days, there are many professional writing services for busy students. A student can get in touch with TypeEssay or any other writing service and get a paper written by a professional writer.

3. Place a small bet

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Need some motivation for doing your work? Well, you have to find a way to track your progress. To stay on track, you can pledge some money. Swear that you will pay someone a certain amount of money if you fail to meet your goal. You will try your best to meet the goal. Try this game. It will work!

4. Write or Die!

No, you are not going to die literally. It’s the name of an app. What does it do? Well, the app is designed for writers who tend to procrastinate. It forces you to stay on track and get the job done in time! There are games that help students become better learners, but Write or Die is not a game the conventional sense.

With this app, you set a goal for writing a certain number of words in a certain period of time. For example, you can set a goal for producing 800 words in 3 hours. And if you fail to do that, the tool will punish you by automatically deleting your work.

5. Use writing prompts

All writers use writing prompts to some extent, consciously or unconsciously. You will need prompts to write your essay if you receive professional writer’s support. Even if you use an essay writing service, the writer you hire will need some writing prompts. But some writers have added a new dimension to this technique.

There is a forum on Reddit where users post stories or poems as prompts. Using these prompts, you will have to write your own piece. The forum offers a good environment in which writers can inspire other writers to be productive and creative.

Final thoughts

When words flow like a river, you do not need any fancy technique or game to be productive, and you do not need to buy an essay online. However, when the opposite is the reality and you stare at a black page for hours, you can try to be a bit strategic and make the process feel like a game. These techniques can be a lot of fun.