5 Online Educative Nursing Games

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Juggling between taking care of patients and ensuring that they take their medication makes nursing very stressful. More so, since nurses start their path early while in college, the juggling becomes even more difficult. The challenges involved in the nursing profession will require one to take some time off to relax, lest they burnout. That is why nursing students need to consider options to relax and can surely benefit from using nursing writing services.

Playing these online games form a better way for one to relax and sharpen their medical skills and knowledge. You can also read educational literature to improve your pharmacy writing skills. Because of that, these games help develop concentration and improve creative thinking. Thanks to these games, there is no need for a custom writing service. This knowledge will be helpful if you are planning to apply to pharmacy schools. These top five online games for nurses are not only educative but also fun.

1. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

Prognosis Your Diagnosis is a free online educative game that allows nurses to exercise their critical thinking skills on the go. Playing the game offers the opportunity to evaluate your medical knowledge of diseases and other conditions.

You can also assess your clinical knowledge and put to practice your medical knowledge in a risk-free environment. Moreover, this game provides a variety of scenarios to keep you engaged during your short breaks. By the way, during such breaks it is always possible to send a request to write my essays online to get help writing an essay if you do not have enough time to improve your grades

When you are pursuing a nursing program, it’s not as much fun as gaming. There are assignments and term papers to take care of and this is why you need the online resource https://writix.co.uk/nursing-assignment-help. It’s a great platform to get your nursing assignments or any other health science writing done from subject experts.

2. Pixel Hospital

Pixel Hospital is the perfect game for nurses looking to sharpen their time management, a very critical skill in the busy hospital environment. The game puts you in charge of a busy ER, in a city hit by a pandemic. You need to efficiently and effectively make use of the available staff, equipment, and other resources to attend to all the patients.

3. Infection

Infection is an online game that pits you against two to eight other players. There are 5 cards and $500 provides at the start of the game.

Each card features a disease, it’s causes, symptoms to approximately 80 medical conditions, and treatment. You can leave the cards in public or pass them to your neighbor, but you have to be the first to be healthy and free from disease to win the game.

4. Knee Operation

Knee Operation is a very educative but fun game for nurses to play. If you work in an operating room, then this game will allow you to assess the patient, prepare the knee area for surgery, and fix a bandage on the operated area. The Crazy Games website also offers other operation games like Teeth Surgery and Eye Operation.

5. The Six Second ECG Simulator

The Six Second ECG Simulator by SkillStat is among the best video games for students that nurses can use to learn a new skill. The online game allows nurses to learn about the different ECG heart rhythms by presenting different scenarios. The game will allow you to interpret ECG rhythms quickly.


These five online educative games for nurses are not only educative but fun to play. Nurses can not only sharpen their medical knowledge and skills but also get to relax while playing these games. Whether the games are free or you’ll have to pay to play, be sure that you’ll learn a skill or two from them. All you have to do is have a Spectrum internet connection and you’re set to go.

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