Zombie Royale IO

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Zombie Royale IO is where you control a group of soldiers to fight against waves of zombies while, at the same time, try to rescue survivors. Don't miss out on collecting cash too so that you can upgrade your soldiers to stand a chance against the big Zombie bosses. This game reminds me of Zombies Ate My Neighbor game which is one of the Top 20 Classic Retro Games That You Need to Try.

League Mode

In league mode, however, you are playing against both zombies and other group of soldiers in multiplayer mode. The goal is to make sure that you survive and try to eliminate the competition.

Car Mode

Car mode puts you into a mission to collect gas to fill up your truck to eventually escape the zombie epicenter.

Features of Zombie Royale IO

  • The animation and graphics will make you feel more into the game.
  • The game features 14 different languages that you can choose from.
  • The game currently offers 9 Heroes.
  • Each Hero can only be unlocked once you reached a specific level.
  • Each hero has a different story.
  • You can upgrade heroes as well as their power.
  • Gain items and rewards from Shop, Achievements, and Daily Rewards.
  • Unlock more than fifteen zombies by completing quests/missions.
  • Upgrade Passive Abilities: Critical Shot, Bonus to Gold, Quick Shot, and Amplified Shot.
  • Increase multiplier by watching ADs.
  • The game has 2 Normal Worlds and 2 League Modes
  • 2 Worlds: Ben Hills and San Dimas
  • 2 League Modes are: PVP Mode (Level 3) and Car Mode (Level 4)
  • This game will test your speed, precision, accuracy, as well as your eyes and hands coordination.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move your soldiers. If you enjoy this game you can also try Hole.IO, Hole.IO and Draw Attack.

Zombie Royale IO