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Arcade Boomfire Games Promoted Collection Shooting WebGL

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ZJamter by BoomFire Games is an arcade shooting game that was developed during Global Game Jam #16.

Pepe the necromancer is looking for some corpses of undead to make posible about his world domination plan.


  • A and D keys to move left and right
  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Spacebar to start game or switch weapon

ZJamter is an arcade shooter game that reminds me of certain parts of Contra and Time Crisis.

The game is simple enough, you have a panoramic view of a building with helpless civilian around. Once in a while, zombies will pop up from the shadows trying to get to the civilian. You need to shoot down the zombies before they get into any of the civilian. Initially, I thought that the number of civilian represents the number of lives/mistakes we can have. But no, one mistake and the game is over!

Somehow, I am wishing that the game can be more of a first person shooter game so that instead of running around left and right, players can pan the view left and right with the keyboard. This way, it will be faster to check on the zombies whom might pop up on edges of the building.

Overall, shooting zombies and aiming for head shots are always fun. I would like to see more hit animations especially when you are shooting the zombies on the body. But, since this is a game jam entry, this is forgiveable. After all, the developer has only 48 hours to complete the game!


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